Oct 29, 2014


Winter is coming. I felt it this morning as the wind chilled my bones and my son complained of freezing fingers. Somehow it reminded me of this old thing from a time that seems endlessly far away now as the days grow shorter and the wind colder. I was caught by a street style photographer who ended up talking me into posing for a photo at this year's Roskilde Festival. Earlier that day, two guys had been giggling loudly at the same shorts that probably helped getting me noted. Maybe I will too in 10 years. Maybe I won't. It doesn't really matter, because that very morning I'd deemed the shorts the best festival wear I could ever wish for as I was sitting cross legged in the morning sun listening to DJs Food, Cheeba, and Moneyshot rearrange the Beastie Boys' 'Paul's Boutique'. The key word here is 'cross legged'. You can basically sit or slouch as you like in shorts. And after two hard days and nights, that seemed pretty well all-important.

Also, blogspot has made a right mess of the lighting in the photo, which looks really good on my desktop, but is completely overexposed when transferred onto here. But perhaps this is exactly what we need here at the threshold of winter. A light to make our eyes squint.

Happy hibernation out there!

Oct 27, 2013

Presenting: An arm and a leg

I rarely do these eyes-on posts anymore, but it's Sunday evening and I have an urge to indulge a little bit. Since carefully considering anything you buy apparently results in not buying all that much, I'm getting better and better at sitting on my money. That means I might be able to invest in something huge soon. Whilst I consider my willingness to spend, I'm casually browsing the internet for the perfect black bag for everyday purposes. For years, I've been under the impression that this item would do wonders for my style. But since I'm not too keen on flashing high-end logos, finding that perfect black bag is proving a challenge. Marc by Marc Jacobs has done a couple of black bags I really like, and I also really like their price tags, but the blatant positioning of logo on the bags really puts me off.

Enter Alexander Wang's Prisma Skeletal Satchel. It's more than twice as expensive as the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags I've been eying, but its distressed look and absent logo tick all the right boxes for me. Not many would suspect me of having paid a leg for it. Like a target Derelicte costumer, that comforts me. And, of course, it looks really bad-ass.

I can't decide: would I actually wear these golden Stine Goya moonwalker boots or would they just sit there on my shoe shelves gathering dust with my silver Dr. Martens oxfords? I'm still debating, hoping the decision-making process will be alleviated by a hefty price reduction in the sales. Ah. Sartorial dreaming. Happy Sunday.

Sep 22, 2013

Nemo me impune lacessit

I found this tartan skirt from Burberrys when I went thrifting last week. It probably belonged to a little old lady before it made its way to the salvation army. I'll probably hang on to it well into my future old ladyhood too. These are tartan times, so I decided to mix in the thrifted flannel shirt tied around my waist. Do you like my tight sweater? Its from the Comme des Garcons for H&M collaboration. Out of all the designer collaborations I've invested in over the years, my Comme des Garcons for H&M pieces are the only ones I've worn continuously. Every single piece. Comme <3

Aug 31, 2013

This summer I went to Carthage and Carthage Land and I wore white mom jeans

I went to Tunesia during the summer holidays. The day before we flew out, I picked up these fantastic white mom jeans in my local charity shop. They went straight to my backpack. Of course, I had to bring my thrifted sleeveless floral shirt as well; since chopping off the sleeves, I wear it on a weekly basis during the summer months. I didn't plan on pairing the two items when I packed, but hanging together in my temporary Tunisian wardrobe, it suddenly made sense.

The florals and white mom jeans remind me of this here lady. Princess Diana was a true champion of 1980s style.

thrifted top, trousers, hat & bag / ASOS sunglasses / Margaret Howell sandals

Aug 30, 2013

I wanna cut through glass

I can't decide about this skirt. Great or garish? It's by the evasive Louise Beén who's also responsible for one of my favorite summer shirts. I'll admit to it being an influence when I decided to thrift it earlier this summer. The 100% silk label was also very convincing. Probably, my perception of the skirt as I'm looking at this picture is influenced by the juxtaposition of its bright colours and the faded black of the American Apparel tee. That old v-neck is also a potent reminder of my wardrobe's mild top crisis. A crisis that's been in effect for so long, it's become as common to me as, say, the sawdust wallpaper on my walls. I hardly notice it any more. But looking at this picture, the absence of the perfect black top that doesn't need to be tucked in to look good on me is staring me dead in the face. Where is it? All I seem to notice online are fabulous things such as dis lil gem.

Jul 23, 2013

Living the dream

Performance art and underground music melted together on the grounds of an old concrete factory to give us Henrys Dream. And it was so much better than I had dared expect, even though Molly Nilsson for unknown reasons turned up a day late and thus ended up playing Saturday night instead of Friday afternoon. Nevermind. Dorit Chrysler filled in her spot in the afternoon sun just fine with her theremin - and there were more than enough great DJs around to help me dance away any lingering disappointment. And then, of course, I got to experience these two exciting acts:

Especially Dead Skeletons at half past midnight in a massive, dimly lit factory building stood out as a haunting, out of this world experience.

Conclusion: I'll be back for the full two and a half days next year. I'd hate to leave a day early again.

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress / vintage Cacharel shirt / BZR parka /
thrifted bum bag / Le Specs sunnies / Dr. Martens chelsea boots

Jul 19, 2013

Many fall by the side

belt, bag, shirt, skirt - thrift - sunnies - ASOS - chelsea boots - dr. martens

It's summer and so far I'm enjoying all the perks of the holidays. I've managed to catch Kraftwerk's live 3D show, have icecream for lunch twice and shop more than I have this past half year put together. I thrifted the skirt yesterday for 5€; ordered a belt for it online today, etc. IT NEVER ENDS.

In other news, Molly Nilsson's playing at Henrys Dream tomorrow. I decided I'm going.