Dec 25, 2011



I've just got time to check in quickly with this picture of the jacket I thrifted a couple of days ago and my new Nikes. Next stop: South!

Dec 24, 2011


Yesterday, I stepped out to get my hair cut and stopped by a Red Cross charity shop on my way home. I got a sea green belt for 15DKK because its golden buckle is fantastic:

I also got a dark blue-green-and-yellow checked jacket for spring:

It's made of wool and viscose and cost 65DKK. The shoulders on the jacket are quite exaggerated, but unlike this blazer, I think it actually works here, since it's kind of shaped like a varsity jacket. I must have about a squillion jackets ready for spring by now.

But first things first. Right now I'm preparing to go yuletide holiday mental and will be traveling both south and north to be with family, so if things seem extra quiet around here, it's simply because I'm busy getting into the Christmas spirit with my nearest & dearest! Happy holidays!

Dec 23, 2011


Here's a recent photobooth picture of me testing out my Eley Kishimoto for Weekday cardigan's potential as a dress. I wore the cardigan to the point of excess last winter and it's nice to be able to resurrect it as an altogether different garment this time around. Its stripes are an exercise in perfection.

cardigan dress ELEY KISHIMOTO FOR WEEKDAY lilac knee high socks ASOS

Dec 20, 2011


In other shoe news, these Nikes arrived today:

Although technically a christmas present (that's why you have to make do with YOOX's product picture), I managed to sneak in a test try which concluded happily in me finding them nothing short of amazing (I mean, electric blue and gold, hello). What is more, they are also severely discounted (45€).

If you like these fly mother effers as much as I do, there's still a few left here.


I never received a newsletter heads up or anything, but earlier this evening I noticed that the UK NET-A-PORTER sale is finally on - and - lo and behold! - the bottle green Shannon shoes from Church's that I've been pining, lusting and longing for since September are now on sale. 

That, of course, would have been fantastic shopping news to me, had my size not sold out already in the beginning of December.

Oh yes.

We'll leave that standing for a moment.

MAJOR shoe crisis.

I've been making imaginary outfits with these babies for so long now that they seem an utterly and completely indispensable part of my wardrobe. My sense of loss is so bad that I keep considering and reconsidering going up a half size just to be with them. Other than that, my only hope is that out of the three pairs they had left not too long ago, at least one is a Christmas present destined to be returned.. Entirely possible, yes, universe?

Dec 17, 2011


I'm still here. The reason behind my long-ish silence is that I caught the flu. Not feeling up for much more than just passively lying around whimpering, I spent the time getting acquainted with the British sci-fi comedy-drama Misfits.

A sort of a hybrid between Human Traffic and Heroes, the series revolves around five young delinquents who on their first day of doing community service get caught out in a severe thunderstorm that grant them all special powers. Out of the five, my favorite's definitely Kelly (second from left). That chick packs some serious attitude.

Dec 7, 2011


I love these tights, but I think I have to be sensible and prioritise. Ahh!--but look at them!

Picture via ASOS.

Dec 4, 2011


Yesterday, I went to a huge indoor fleemarket to try my luck and came home with these two sweethearts:

Lecomte sweater DKK150: Adding a much needed touch of pattern and bright colours, this winter necessity is a welcome addition to my sweater collection. Dark winter days, get ready to be set alight by me and my sweater!

Proenza Schouler for Target waxed jacket DKK130: My heart skipped several beats when I hit this one somewhere down the 200th rack. I've wanted a yellow raincoat with a hood for years, but just never happened upon the right one. Until now, that is! In Europe, we also don't have access to the Target designer collaborations, which just adds to the magic specialness of having found it. The jacket is a classic in my book, and I've been losing myself just staring at it since yesterday.

Dec 1, 2011


It may officially be the first day of winter today, but that doesn't mean that I would dream of denying myself the pleasure of drooling and obsessing over shorts! Far from it, I've scouted some pretty good deals out there, and the following three pairs have totally made my Christmas wish list:

I've had my eyes on these Wood Wood shorts ever since I saw them shimmy down the catwalk last winter. Now they're heavily discounted (60%). I soon need to make my way up to the physical shop to try them on. Get them here.

However, for just over the double the cost of those Wood Wood shorts, I could get (err.. or get given) these silk paper chain print Peter Jensen shorts in stead. They'd be no less than excellent for print clashing. Click to find them.

Finally, I've mentioned them before and I'll mention them again: these lilac shorts from Antonio Marras are just tailored perfection in my eyes.

And there you have it! So here's to finding shorts with your name on them neatly wrapped up and waiting for you in the shade of the alluring Christmas tree!

Edited to add: My eyes have been deceiving me - the Antonio Marras bermuda shorts are pink, not lilac.

Nov 30, 2011


There's no days left of November, which means we've reached the time for looking back and reflecting over the thrift shopping I've done. The ugly truth:

  • Black asymmetric Ivan Grundahl skirt (see here). Great find. DKK50.
  • Homemade checked wool skirt. I've worn it once so far. A bit of a challenge. DKK35.
  • Red Cacharel shirt. Already wore it three or four times (see here). DKK35.
  • Homemade long glimmering jacket. A mistake. It was too big and the sewing job was a bit dodgy. I gave it to a girlfriend who was pretty pleased with it though. DKK40.
  • Long, grey Bruuns Bazaar cardigan (see here). Great basic. DKK80.
  • Stripy blue sheer cardigan from The Earth Collection (see here). The jury's still out on this one. DKK35.
  • Red silk tie top from Bajusz (see here). A piece of understated exclusivity. It feels divine. DKK30.

I thus ended up thrifting for 305 DKK this month. Out of this, 75 DKK were unnecessarily spent, so I'll definitely be proceeding with more caution from here. Can't wait to see what December brings in terms of thrifting!

Picture via: Facehunter.

Nov 26, 2011


I want to add some off-beat brooches to my wardrobe as they are a great way to personalise a look. Currently, I'm drooling over this brooch by Oscar de la Renta. I love the colours and I love the big veins on the bug's wings--awesomeness. What I don't love is its obscene price. Get it HERE.

Pictures via Net-a-Porter.


This morning, I went to a big Salvation Army flea market in my neighbourhood with lots of great vintage clothes. Armed with a heightened consciousness of my thrift shopping patterns, I was determined only to take home items in perfect condition and which fit. I found plenty of things to try on, including a pair of black high waisted trousers with the sickest flower print (the colour palette was not unlike this Zara blazer)--a trouser style that currently ranges high on my thrifting wish list. Unfortunately, since the trousers were too big, I had to leave them behind with a bleeding heart. (Great printed pants will happen to me eventually. Right?!) For the same reason, a great western style brown suede jacket with fringes was also destined to be ultimately snapped up by someone a little larger than me.

Just a single item lived up to all of my preconditions:

Rose print silk tie top 30 DKK: It looks and feels positively luxurious--it's a blouse fit for a lady. I'm looking particularly forward to playing around with this one. From Bajusz (just like my thrifted lace shirt), it's one of those items I know will stay in my wardrobe until I'm pushing up the daisies.


On Thursday, I thrifted two new cardigans.

Long grey cardigan from Bruuns Bazaar (80 DKK): Super soft and just generally a lovely addition to my cardigan collection, which is also why I was willing to plonk down the 80 DKK for it.

Blue cardigan from The Earth Collection (35 DKK): Semi-sheer and stripy. I'm not sure about this one though. I don't think the mother of pearl buttons fit the style, but I bought it anyway because it was cheap. Insanity, I know. I made a similar blunder last week when I got this jacket even though it was way too big in the shoulders. Clearly, I still shop just to shop sometimes, when really I should be severe and abstain and remember that shopping is not therapy and that wardrobe building should not be a haphazard activity. A beautiful, well-edited wardrobe is the result of a lifetime's worth of acquisitions of garments. In other words, there's no hurry. I need only to strike when I find perfection. Still, it's a learning process and I edit as I go along. In the meantime, I just hope I don't spend too much on stuff I know I won't want to keep in the long run.

Nov 25, 2011


Last month, I thrifted a pretty lace shirt (look here) that I've already worn once, but in a very safe way (with black jeans). Next time, I can see that I need to break out some paisley pants or some other print that I don't have in my pant collection. Am trying to manifest an abundance of fantastically printed pants right now. The ones in the picture are from Kenzo.

Picture from: i:D - The Dreams and Aspirations Issue.

Nov 23, 2011



I thrifted this sweater last month and already wore it three or four times. It's great for when I have to dress a bit practical and decide to wear jeans but don't want to look too boring. The shirt is also thrifted. I seldom fork out for designer items. I let someone else buy them first. Unless there's a sale on, of course.

shoes PUMA leggings STINE GOYA

Also, I'm truly obsessed with these shoes. They're all I wear these days. Somehow they seem to make anything I throw on work.

Nov 20, 2011


Last night was long. Very long. And festive. Not surprisingly, I've been paying for it today. But I know how to treat the blues. I whack on some Elton John. 1970s Elton, naturally.

Nov 16, 2011


This silk Clements Ribeiro dress sold out in a second on Net-A-Porter a while ago. Now it's back in (low) stock. The print is brilliant. Get it here if you've got €535.46 to spare.


Last Saturday was a perfectly sunny autumn day, so, naturally, I decided to dress for success. Of course, the recipe for that includes my white Acne skirt. I simply cannot get over the structure of how it falls. I really need to have it taken it in though. Shirt and blazer are both thrifted. Yes. Thrifting is Fun. Sometimes I get home with the most unlikely and unexpected things. Such as this pink blazer with serious Camilla Parker Bowles vibes. Trying to make it look "me" is a challenge, but apparently I'll wear anything for a bit of extra colour. Luckily, these shoes and sunglasses always immediately stave off any unwanted hints of conservatism.


Nov 15, 2011


I love the off-beat, grandparent-esque coolness of Peter Jensen's design aesthetic. From his AW11 collection, I especially love this off-white, textured silk shirt. And would you look at the Peter Pan collar on it:


I really wanted to put up a picture of the shirt from Jensen's own lookbook, but since I could only take down tiny little images from his site, I've had to make do with these pictures from ASOS. Whereas the people over at ASOS have styled the shirt to look effortlessly cool (and, as a result, probably much more marketable), you'll have to go here for Jensen's own more quirky styling of the shirt (look 2), but also just to see the entire collection. Get the shirt here.

Nov 14, 2011



On Friday (11.11.11), I decided to pair two recently thrifted garments, the tea towel shirt and the asymmetric skirt, and add some leather Pumas I've had for at least 10 years. The shoes have been enjoying quite the reprise in my wardrobe these past couple of months (look here for evidence). They seem to add an oft needed touch of clonk and clown that makes an ensemble look just right to me. I wish I'd have saved more clothes from way back then. Clonkity-clonk.

Nov 13, 2011


It's seldom that I'm tempted in any serious way by Zara, but this blazer from their November lookbook has been rocking my world since I spotted it in the blogosphere last night. I might have to go to the store to feel it up. If I make it. It'll probably fly off the shelves. It's not up on the online store yet though. Anyone seen it anywhere?

Picture via Zara.

Nov 12, 2011


During fashion week for spring 2012, perhaps the most potent symbol of male drive, hot-rods with fiery exhaust pipes, was the single feature responsible for catapulting Prada's ready-to-wear collection to immediate iconic status. And although I personally find some of the automobile prints incredibly tacky, I must admit they've grown on me substantially during the course of writing this review. Now I find them both tacky and wearable. Just look at these figure hugging leather skirts:

While more cartoonish and caricatural than classically beautiful, I think those skirts, especially the green one, have the potential to become quite the shizzle on the street come spring 2012.

Although it was the cars that ended up stealing the show, however, flowers were at least just as abundant a feature in the collection:

But it wasn't all flowers and satin. Miuccia also included a few garments with embellished roses; garments I count among my favorites in the collection. I mean, varsity jacket with embellished green roses, anyone?

Gaspingly pretty example of preppy meets sweet in a perfect marriage.

And how about this show-stopper of a pink skirt embellished with yellow roses?

This is candy coloured pastel perfection in my eyes. I don't just like, I drool.

Paired with the skimpy cartoon car top, the latter look also pretty much spells out the conceptual framework of Prada's SS12 collection: it's all about cars and flowers, folks! And apart from the conceptual coherence, the exquisite tailoring and delicate attention to quirky details, it is precisely the rich symbolism of this double-edged car/flower theme that makes the collection so interesting in my eyes. Granted, Miuccia may not be saying something entirely new with the theme, but that's not necessarily the point.

Cars and flowers signify a long line of dichotomies most of which in some way are related to the social construction of the sexes. Masculinity is reflected in the potent and active attributes of cars, whereas the yielding and passive natures of flowers signify the feminine. We must, of course, also not forget that this is a man's view of the sexes--a view that was also at the foundation of the gender roles that dominated the Western hemisphere in the 1950s from whence this Prada collection so obviously draws its inspiration.

Certainly, the fire from the hod rods' exhaust pipes evoke a potent and superior masculinity:

According to, however, Miuccia herself has offered the word "sweetness" to describe her latest Prada collection. But although this sweetness is amply signified by her assiduous use of flowers, rhinestones, broderie anglaise, satin, pastels and pleats, the juxtaposition of these sweet elements with the automobile theme seems to suggest that the spectator employ a decidedly male view on this sweetness. Sweet, obliging women, after all, pose no immediate threat to male domination.

Ah yes, that rosy, innocent sweetness:

But what about the shoes?

The shoes are really a chapter onto themselves with their flaming heels that echo the exhaust pipe fire blazing out from the back of the automobiles. Placed on the women's feet, which, of course, propel the women forward, the car symbolism is reiterated in a way that cleverly suggests that women and cars perhaps aren't so different from one another. Just like men are in control of their cars (women being notoriously bad drivers according to male chauvinistic humour), the man is also in control of the woman when she is made his object. No matter how sweet or how fast and dangerous a woman may be, she is ultimately the man's object and so, in the end, must succumb to him.

Finally, no matter how sweet and complying a man would want his woman to be, we must not forget that the objectifying male gaze always (a.l.w.a.y.s.) revolves around the sexualisation of the female body. This irrevocable sexual agenda Miuccia perhaps most obviously signifies with two flowy dresses sporting printed flames that lick suggestively up the skirts from their hems:

Talk about burning desire. Oh. And I wish that pink dress was a skirt. Just check how awesome it would be:

Although those green-edged black flames look to me like they belong in a ghastly tribal tattoo, contrasted against the sickeningly sweet pastel pink skirt, the flames somehow find their right environment and work. Come to think of it, those flames are really a classic example of what Miuccia does best: making bad taste look chic.

Pictures via:

Nov 8, 2011


Fun take on sunglasses by Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow! Get the freaks here.

Nov 2, 2011


I like to mix and match my prints to bring a bit of spunk into the otherwise mundane autumn uniform of jeans, a tee and a cardigan:


Nov 1, 2011


A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! Or, in my case, time to assess the thrift shopping damage done by the month just passed. Here's the score:

  • Mulberry coat 200 DKK. See here.
  • Etoile by Isabel Marant vest 20 DKK. See here.
  • Day Birger et Mikkelsen crop sequin top 20 DKK. See here.
  • Q-CON statement jumper 40 DKK. See here.
  • Bajusz lace shirt 40 DKK. See here.

Yesterday, I also managed to pull this shirt from the racks on my way home:

Checked shirt by Munthe plus Simonsen 60 DKK: Made of a thick crepe fabric and with nice long but short sleeves. The checked pattern reminds of a tea towel. I'm going to use it with skirts to wane off its otherwise very square, manly vibes. Probably skirts I don't have yet. Hahaha! We'll see.

Obviously, my local charity shop isn't the cheapest in the world, so the six items I got this month amount to the relatively steep total of 380 DKK. YOWZA! On the other hand, as my father remarked the other day: That's good for a girl!