Jun 30, 2011

Coco Posen'

Quirky and cute posing by Coco Rocha in some of Zac Posen's Resort 2012 collection. I wonder if the skirt is constructed that way or if she managed to just flick it into that shape with a coquettish shimmy?

Pictures via Style.com

Jun 29, 2011

On Looking A Wee Bit Washed Out

Before this blog completely succumbs to resort 2012 (I still have a few things up my sleeve on the subject for reasons of so.much.beauty), there's something else I want to show you:

What you here see is probably the biggest sartorial disappointment I've been faced with so far this year: my green leo Ganni trousers. Our story started on the pages of a Danish fashion magazine - Cover or Costume, I forget which. I spotted them and instantaneously started dreaming and fantasizing about how and when I'd wear them. They lingered in my mind long enough for me to almost squeal in delight when I spotted them again during this year's January sale. I thus bought them with a 40% discount feeling very pleased about myself.

Unfortunately, however, the leo spots already started fading after their first couple of washes. The process has been long and heartbreaking and now they are looking positively washed out. ..sigh.

Granted, part of the problem is that I've worn them to death. I've worn them with practically everything in my closet: used them with other greens, used them to mix prints, used them to clash colours, used them with blacks and whites, boots and sneaks; I think the only thing I haven't worn them with is heels. But then I don't wear heels too often, so that's not really anything to hold against them. So, my excessive use of them as well as the viscose material they're made of would probably explain why they're coming apart at the seams too. And as for the fading, I guess I could have told myself it was going to happen eventually, since the spots are painted on.

In spite of the somewhat sad appearance of the pants, I nevertheless still cannot help myself from wearing them frequently. I wash once a week and they are still pretty much in that machine every single time. When, not if, they fall apart, I will miss them in my wardrobe not only because they are the only perfectly slouchy viscose trousers in my wardrobe, I will also miss them because of the colour they add to an assemblage: I love their deep green hue. Not until I bought these trousers did I fully grasp the wonders of having a pair of coloured pants in your wardrobe. They make dressing so much more fun. Needless to say, great quality coloured pants and printed pants of colour are forever on my radar now. But I want them to last years, not months, next time. Yes, I do so dread the void these pants will leave in my wardrobe. The horror.

Jun 28, 2011

RESORT: Wardrobe Requests

I've seen a lot of things beautiful from the Resort 2012 Collections so far. Here's a few I wouldn't mind getting to know more intimately.

Tribal sweater from Burberry Prorsum to keep me warm on cool summer nights.

Really, I could find room in my wardrobe for almost everything from Céline's already insanely hyped collection, but this rubber trench would resolve all my issues with bad weather. That's a lot of power contained in one coat.

Costume National dress to throw over my head on a hot summer's day and mix with other prints on cooler days. I love the black contrasting details as well as its distinct vintage, diner-esque feel.

Let's go to the beach. Uhm. The bag. The bag. THE BAG. Courtesy of Tory Burch.

Rorschach effect with flowers on this shirt robe from Stella McCartney. Only I'd wear it with a pair of badass biker boots and a big slouchy bag. Mad cool.

Bedazzling suit from Suno. I just wouldn't roll up the sleeves like that on the jacket; it really annoys my eyes. Oh well. I love many things liberty. The effect it gives when viewed from a distance can be awe-inspiring. Great liberty always reminded me a bit of impressionistic paintings. You need to take a few steps back to fully appreciate its expression.

Jun 26, 2011

Resort 2012: The Pajama Edition

I have a pair of pajama bottoms that must be at least ten years old, very probably more. If truth be told, I'm surprised they haven't fallen completely apart by now since they've always been and still are my go-to trousers for loafing around at home. I find them so graphically appealing that I've even considered wearing them out a couple of times but never managed to find courage or occasion. And now, the flannel's looking pretty beat up and the elasticated waist is a bit on the loose side. However, their classic dark-blue-and-white-striped print still really makes an impact when I go about my homely activities or simply just vegetate on the couch.

Remember when Michael Jackson decided to wear his pajama bottoms to court in March 2005?

It was being discussed in the media at the time whether Jackson's sartorial choice that day was really a conscious bid to drive the attention away from the court case. Certainly, the trousers made a huge impact. The moment is probably more iconic than that time David Beckham wore a sarong. But while I wouldn't want to wear Beckham's flimsy old sarong, I'd wear Jackson's pajama bottoms in a heartbeat. Although perhaps not to court. Hard to say really.

But why are we discussing Michael Jackson's and my old pajama bottoms, you ask?

Resort, darling, RESORT.

Above thoughts and picture all flashed in my fickle mind as I was web-browsing through the resort 2012 collections spotting jammies infinitely more fit for airing in public than my old flannel bottoms. I give you:

Pajama bottom vibes from 10 Crosby Derek Lam - The whole shebang from Céline

Bedroom vibes from The Row

And then, of course, I've ben eyeing these trousers from Dries Van Noten on Yoox for ages, trying to will them to get cheaper.

Picture sources: Michael Jackson (unknown), the rest (style.com)

Jun 25, 2011

City Rockers

I love everything about this look from Organic by John Patrick's Resort 2012 collection; the model looks so effing cool. Army shirt layered under crisp white tee, a pop of bright yellow, cream chucks and wayfarer sunnies. Perfect for a sunny day in the city.

Picture via: style.com

Jun 24, 2011


Few would willfully throw their money out of the window just to do so. In spite of this, however, most of us still manage to do the equivalent of just that at least once and probably uncountable times in a lifetime: we buy something we never use and hardly, if ever, look at or otherwise appreciate. Sometimes shopping means willfully donning out dough on a piece of clothing that after having collected dust on the shelf for a symbolic period of time is then thrown in a charity shop bag or resold at a fraction of the original price.

Although shopping rules are helpful tools in the art of wardrobe building, trying to come up with hard and fast rules to avoid the specific problem of wrong purchases appears to be as futile as trying to teach a pig to sing. And as Robert Heinlein has sharply observed, it not only wastes your time; it also annoys the pig. Moreover, sometimes the most unlikely of items end up becoming wardrobe classics. Items you subconsciously doubted, yet bought anyway for inexplicable reasons. These purchases are sometimes planned, other times the result of sudden impulse.

Take, for example, this blazer from By Malene Birger:

When I happened upon it in my local charity shop in early spring, I didn't quite know what to make of it. Although it initially seemed a bit mumsy to me, I nevertheless picked it up attracted by the  naive character of the geometric print - it seems to have been drawn on in pencil by a child's hand. Luckily enough, my attire that day was far from conservative: I was wearing baggy blue jeans, a t-shirt and black boots, which when I tried on the blazer completely dispelled any hint of mumsiness. For mornings when the task of dressing is approached with as mild a disinterest as it had been for me that particular morning, it now dawned on me that this jacket was perfect. Thrown over anything casual or uninspired, the outfit suddenly appeared to gain a quirky edge. I thus decided to buy it, although I still couldn't shake the feeling that I might be the throwing the hard earned 125DKR I shelled out for it - quite a steep price for a charity shop item - out of the window.

As it turns out, I really had no need to worry. The jacket lives up to what it promises adding that happy touch of eccentricity that I adore so much to so many looks of mine - I seem to wear it at least once a week and sometimes many more times than that. The irony is of course that I would never in a million years have picked it up had it been hanging in a regular store with a full price tag.

All things considered, neither rule nor moral can be inferred from the tale thus told about a blazer. While the story might easily be construed as a textbook example of the rule "when in doubt, do," it might just as easily serve as the exception to the opposing rule "when in doubt, don't." Really, the only thing that might be concluded with absolute certainty is that what felt like the wrong thing to do in the moment ended up being the perfect move.

Jun 22, 2011

The Bright Stripes

I love thrift-shopping and live right next to a charity shop where I am almost always lucky enough to find something nice. I've found a couple of wardrobe classics down there that I absolutely relish to wear and go through periods of wearing almost non-stop.

On my way out to lunch yesterday, I naturally stopped by and managed to snatch up this shirt for next to nothing:

It's from Finnish brand Marimekko:

Although it's a few sizes too big, the saturated, eye-popping quality of the colours prompted me to act anyway. I think I can make it work as a summer coat with rolled up sleeves and, if not, I'll simply pass it on to a friend. We'll see after I've given it a good wash and ponder.

Jun 21, 2011

Best Laid Plans

In my circle of friends it seems that all people are ever doing these days is getting married or having babies. While both occasions represent important milestones in people's lives, I must admit that I am not as fussy about what I wear when I go welcome newborns into the world as when I go to a wedding party. Neither are the hosts, I expect.

Since weddings are usually announced early, I've had lots of time to seek out pretty apparel to wear and have thus had the outfit pegged for quite a while:

I'm going to two weddings this season and, yes, I will be wearing the same thing twice. And what is more: the components of what I'm wearing also happen to be appropriate for more or less any occasion. See. I'm smart like that.

In spite of good time and keeping a moderate eye out for a winner, however, it has now been a couple of months and I still haven’t happened upon the perfect pair of shoes to wear. For this reason, I was intending to stop by Kyoto’s presale tomorrow. But in a sudden turn of events involving Manoush and Paul by Paul Smith at bargain prices, this scheme pretty much gang agley this morning when I ended up blowing my sales budget online at ASOS' sale. As a consequence, I was forced to anxiously rummage through the flat looking for the perfect shoe match. I happily did succeed. Meet my shiny boots of leather:

Never mind that the weddings are in July. Let’s just hope we won’t have a heat wave on our hands.

Vintage blouse  REDValentino skirt – Zara boots

Jun 20, 2011

What will you be doing on July 1st?

I was never one to resist a good knees-up. Especially not if said knees-up took place in the open air and involved live music. Summer festivals, of course, always deliver in this respect making them the perfect catalyst for my somewhat nerdy delight in the display of musical prowess.

As a Copenhagener of such sentiments, it is therefore almost a no-brainer that I should be attending Roskilde Festival next week. And although I will only be able to go for one day this year, this doesn't mean that I won't indulge myself in a slight case of anticipatory madness. Isn't that always how it should be?

Since one day really isn’t that much, I’m going for most bang for the buck. This means that I will be foregoing PJ Harvey and Iron Maiden in favour of the programme on Friday the 1st of JulyHaving eyeballed it extensively, I’ve come up with what appears to be quite an impressive itinerary for the day and have duly scouted YouTube for the best videos from the acts I’m especially looking forward to checking out.








Jun 18, 2011

Geometric Prints at Urban Outfitters

This past week I've been trawling the interwebs looking for good sale bargains. And although I'm trying to divert myself from cheap thrills by doing things such as remembering Anna Dello Russo's 10 rules for sales, I have nevertheless become severely tempted by the above four pieces out of which only two of course are actually on sale. Am I really about to be metaphorically dragged to the bottom of the sea by the beautiful mermaids of PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN 4?

Kate Sheridan Geo Print Native Bag - Ikat Laptop Case - Fabric Ikat Skinny Belt - Truly Madly Deeply Geo Stripe Sweat Shirt