Jun 21, 2011

Best Laid Plans

In my circle of friends it seems that all people are ever doing these days is getting married or having babies. While both occasions represent important milestones in people's lives, I must admit that I am not as fussy about what I wear when I go welcome newborns into the world as when I go to a wedding party. Neither are the hosts, I expect.

Since weddings are usually announced early, I've had lots of time to seek out pretty apparel to wear and have thus had the outfit pegged for quite a while:

I'm going to two weddings this season and, yes, I will be wearing the same thing twice. And what is more: the components of what I'm wearing also happen to be appropriate for more or less any occasion. See. I'm smart like that.

In spite of good time and keeping a moderate eye out for a winner, however, it has now been a couple of months and I still haven’t happened upon the perfect pair of shoes to wear. For this reason, I was intending to stop by Kyoto’s presale tomorrow. But in a sudden turn of events involving Manoush and Paul by Paul Smith at bargain prices, this scheme pretty much gang agley this morning when I ended up blowing my sales budget online at ASOS' sale. As a consequence, I was forced to anxiously rummage through the flat looking for the perfect shoe match. I happily did succeed. Meet my shiny boots of leather:

Never mind that the weddings are in July. Let’s just hope we won’t have a heat wave on our hands.

Vintage blouse  REDValentino skirt – Zara boots

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