Jun 29, 2011

On Looking A Wee Bit Washed Out

Before this blog completely succumbs to resort 2012 (I still have a few things up my sleeve on the subject for reasons of so.much.beauty), there's something else I want to show you:

What you here see is probably the biggest sartorial disappointment I've been faced with so far this year: my green leo Ganni trousers. Our story started on the pages of a Danish fashion magazine - Cover or Costume, I forget which. I spotted them and instantaneously started dreaming and fantasizing about how and when I'd wear them. They lingered in my mind long enough for me to almost squeal in delight when I spotted them again during this year's January sale. I thus bought them with a 40% discount feeling very pleased about myself.

Unfortunately, however, the leo spots already started fading after their first couple of washes. The process has been long and heartbreaking and now they are looking positively washed out. ..sigh.

Granted, part of the problem is that I've worn them to death. I've worn them with practically everything in my closet: used them with other greens, used them to mix prints, used them to clash colours, used them with blacks and whites, boots and sneaks; I think the only thing I haven't worn them with is heels. But then I don't wear heels too often, so that's not really anything to hold against them. So, my excessive use of them as well as the viscose material they're made of would probably explain why they're coming apart at the seams too. And as for the fading, I guess I could have told myself it was going to happen eventually, since the spots are painted on.

In spite of the somewhat sad appearance of the pants, I nevertheless still cannot help myself from wearing them frequently. I wash once a week and they are still pretty much in that machine every single time. When, not if, they fall apart, I will miss them in my wardrobe not only because they are the only perfectly slouchy viscose trousers in my wardrobe, I will also miss them because of the colour they add to an assemblage: I love their deep green hue. Not until I bought these trousers did I fully grasp the wonders of having a pair of coloured pants in your wardrobe. They make dressing so much more fun. Needless to say, great quality coloured pants and printed pants of colour are forever on my radar now. But I want them to last years, not months, next time. Yes, I do so dread the void these pants will leave in my wardrobe. The horror.

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