Jun 26, 2011

Resort 2012: The Pajama Edition

I have a pair of pajama bottoms that must be at least ten years old, very probably more. If truth be told, I'm surprised they haven't fallen completely apart by now since they've always been and still are my go-to trousers for loafing around at home. I find them so graphically appealing that I've even considered wearing them out a couple of times but never managed to find courage or occasion. And now, the flannel's looking pretty beat up and the elasticated waist is a bit on the loose side. However, their classic dark-blue-and-white-striped print still really makes an impact when I go about my homely activities or simply just vegetate on the couch.

Remember when Michael Jackson decided to wear his pajama bottoms to court in March 2005?

It was being discussed in the media at the time whether Jackson's sartorial choice that day was really a conscious bid to drive the attention away from the court case. Certainly, the trousers made a huge impact. The moment is probably more iconic than that time David Beckham wore a sarong. But while I wouldn't want to wear Beckham's flimsy old sarong, I'd wear Jackson's pajama bottoms in a heartbeat. Although perhaps not to court. Hard to say really.

But why are we discussing Michael Jackson's and my old pajama bottoms, you ask?

Resort, darling, RESORT.

Above thoughts and picture all flashed in my fickle mind as I was web-browsing through the resort 2012 collections spotting jammies infinitely more fit for airing in public than my old flannel bottoms. I give you:

Pajama bottom vibes from 10 Crosby Derek Lam - The whole shebang from CĂ©line

Bedroom vibes from The Row

And then, of course, I've ben eyeing these trousers from Dries Van Noten on Yoox for ages, trying to will them to get cheaper.

Picture sources: Michael Jackson (unknown), the rest (style.com)

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