Jun 28, 2011

RESORT: Wardrobe Requests

I've seen a lot of things beautiful from the Resort 2012 Collections so far. Here's a few I wouldn't mind getting to know more intimately.

Tribal sweater from Burberry Prorsum to keep me warm on cool summer nights.

Really, I could find room in my wardrobe for almost everything from CĂ©line's already insanely hyped collection, but this rubber trench would resolve all my issues with bad weather. That's a lot of power contained in one coat.

Costume National dress to throw over my head on a hot summer's day and mix with other prints on cooler days. I love the black contrasting details as well as its distinct vintage, diner-esque feel.

Let's go to the beach. Uhm. The bag. The bag. THE BAG. Courtesy of Tory Burch.

Rorschach effect with flowers on this shirt robe from Stella McCartney. Only I'd wear it with a pair of badass biker boots and a big slouchy bag. Mad cool.

Bedazzling suit from Suno. I just wouldn't roll up the sleeves like that on the jacket; it really annoys my eyes. Oh well. I love many things liberty. The effect it gives when viewed from a distance can be awe-inspiring. Great liberty always reminded me a bit of impressionistic paintings. You need to take a few steps back to fully appreciate its expression.

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