Jul 18, 2011

WEDDINGS: A Little Bit Of White Is Alright

Although the weather hasn't been denoting particularly summery vibes of late, I went to the first of two summer weddings last Saturday. As I mentioned here, I've been going through a bit of a wedding outfit crisis, the three main reasons being: 1) I couldn't wear a dress (for reasons discreetly signified in pictures below), 2) I didn't have a pair of heels to go with the skirt I'd originally bought for the wedding, and 3) I couldn't buy a new pair of heels since I'd spent my money on other items in the sale (oops!). While I thought I'd been clever enough to come up with a solution to the shoe problem, I ended up deciding against that ensemble because I wasn't happy wearing flat black boots to a wedding -- I wanted to wear heels! Hmm. I guess I'm more conservative than I dare admit to myself.

I thus ended up concocting this last minute alternative:

silk blouse VINTAGE skirt ACNE ankle boots BILLI BI

Having heard that you cannot wear white to a wedding unless you're the bride, I was a bit apprehensive about wearing a white skirt at first. But a bit of googling soon revealed that the main reason you can't wear white to a wedding is that you--the horror!--might be mistaken for the bride. However, a little bit of white such as a white bodice or, as in my case, a white skirt should be alright. Just make sure the white is not dominant (unless the bride specifically told you it's okay) by adding some other colours (although perhaps not the most colourful, black is a colour). Certainly, the couple whose wedding I attended last Saturday had no beef with my attire. The outfit was simple, put-together and not too loud, thus allowing the bride to stand out. Which she should, it being her day and all.

Jul 17, 2011

Monroe The Armadillo

Am I allowing myself to become irrationally consumed by trends in fashion? A new shoe love is certainly making me consider this proposition seriously: the Monroe wedge pumps by Swedish designer Carin Wester.

I first encountered these shoes last year when the black/white version pictured above was making me go hmmmm! I saw them on a fashion blog and remember wondering what on earth might have possessed the pretty young blogger to buy shoes I found so utterly ugly. Trend, hype and you-gotta-have-it, I ended up concluding.

But then this picture happened:

Stephanie of Danish style blog Anywho went to the States recently and rocked a vintage jacket with the ocean dream colour version of Wester's pumps. And now? I'm in love. What insanity just struck? And will I find them horrendous again one day? Only time will tell.

If you have 1.500 SEK lying around to indulge a mad shoe infatuation with, get them here.

Pictures via: ASOS and Anywho.

Jul 8, 2011

But what I really adore...

is this Emma Cook shell and bead print dress:

I'm sure this would solve the full-blown wedding outfit crisis I'm having to live through these days. Oh dag nammit!

Get it here.

Jul 5, 2011

Eerily Composed

Let's be honest here: that blouse is nothing short of magnificent. And although I probably wouldn't-couldn't wear the dress, the way Guinevere Van Seenus models it sitting pensively in profile awakens majestic associations in me while the rich velvety darkness of the dress itself reminds me of paintings of European aristocracy. Yes, Erdem, I like your Resort 2012 vision a lot. Pictures via.

Jul 3, 2011

Swirly Logic

One of the cleverer reasons I had for starting the blog was that I wanted to have a place in which all the things I want exist. A place in which they, in a sense, are mine. As I was flicking through ASOS's designer shoe section today, I came upon a pair of shoes by YMC that I've decided needs to move into this place right now:

That happy swirly punch hole pattern, the cream colour and the cut-out details all beckon to me. And as if that wasn't enough, there's only one pair left, which of course is my size. ARGH! Get them here and eliminate my urge.

Jul 1, 2011


When I saw the cute hat with the perfect bow sitting on the head of the clever girl in the picture below, I knew immediately that I had to archive it so I could easily find my way back to it to drool and dribble over it some more.

The girl in the picture is Fleurette at the Hove Festival in Norway. The young woman is behind the insanely inspirational and well written style blog: Dead Fleurette, which focuses on 4-5 Piece French Wardrobe building principles. And while the girl has impeccable style, she also practices what she preaches to a tee. Fascinating.

But back to get back to the hat. If you don't wish to be lugging about an umbrella all day for sun protection, a hat can really be the perfect life saver when faced with sunny festival weather. Since I have no hat and never bothered with an umbrella, however, I've been forced to rely on Bedouin tricks in the past. The covetable object on Fleurette's head has made the hat alternative suddenly imaginable to me though. I thus kept a keen eye out for something along the same lines when I had the chance to go to two vintage stores a couple of days ago. I'm not surprised that the long lost cousin of Fleurette's hat did not lay waiting for me in either store.

All the same, I'm off to Roskilde Festival this morning with no hat on my head. Not that I'll be needing it: the weather forecast predicts cloudy, grey and cool (below 20C) but dry weather all day.