Jul 17, 2011

Monroe The Armadillo

Am I allowing myself to become irrationally consumed by trends in fashion? A new shoe love is certainly making me consider this proposition seriously: the Monroe wedge pumps by Swedish designer Carin Wester.

I first encountered these shoes last year when the black/white version pictured above was making me go hmmmm! I saw them on a fashion blog and remember wondering what on earth might have possessed the pretty young blogger to buy shoes I found so utterly ugly. Trend, hype and you-gotta-have-it, I ended up concluding.

But then this picture happened:

Stephanie of Danish style blog Anywho went to the States recently and rocked a vintage jacket with the ocean dream colour version of Wester's pumps. And now? I'm in love. What insanity just struck? And will I find them horrendous again one day? Only time will tell.

If you have 1.500 SEK lying around to indulge a mad shoe infatuation with, get them here.

Pictures via: ASOS and Anywho.

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