Jul 1, 2011


When I saw the cute hat with the perfect bow sitting on the head of the clever girl in the picture below, I knew immediately that I had to archive it so I could easily find my way back to it to drool and dribble over it some more.

The girl in the picture is Fleurette at the Hove Festival in Norway. The young woman is behind the insanely inspirational and well written style blog: Dead Fleurette, which focuses on 4-5 Piece French Wardrobe building principles. And while the girl has impeccable style, she also practices what she preaches to a tee. Fascinating.

But back to get back to the hat. If you don't wish to be lugging about an umbrella all day for sun protection, a hat can really be the perfect life saver when faced with sunny festival weather. Since I have no hat and never bothered with an umbrella, however, I've been forced to rely on Bedouin tricks in the past. The covetable object on Fleurette's head has made the hat alternative suddenly imaginable to me though. I thus kept a keen eye out for something along the same lines when I had the chance to go to two vintage stores a couple of days ago. I'm not surprised that the long lost cousin of Fleurette's hat did not lay waiting for me in either store.

All the same, I'm off to Roskilde Festival this morning with no hat on my head. Not that I'll be needing it: the weather forecast predicts cloudy, grey and cool (below 20C) but dry weather all day.

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