Aug 30, 2011

Introducing: The Cardigan Shirt

Getting serious Comme des Garcons vibes from this polkadot cardigan shirt from the relatively new Danish label Libertine-Libertine. It could be love. Buy it here.

Aug 25, 2011


This picture has made me realise I need to find some slouchy grey socks to wear with my black chucks before the arrival of next summer.

Aug 23, 2011


As mentioned here, the clothes I find rummaging through the odd charity shop are sort of my wardrobe wildcards. Often, I would never dream of including the garments I find here on my must-have lists, but--surprise-surprise!--I end up getting loads of wear out of them anyway.

Before the summer holidays started, I found this bright green shirt from Bruuns Bazaar down my local charity shop. I've only worn it twice so far, but I'm sure I'll keep coming back to it in the future, since it fits me well, has the perfect stiff collar for layering and adds a nice pop of colour to an ensemble. Right now, I'm obsessed with wearing it with a very, very old, wide, graphic black-and-white striped, midi-length skirt from H&M (which incidentally needs an upgrade at some point, since the white stripes have turned grey on me (story of my life) and its shape isn't holding up very well). I button the shirt all the way up, tuck it into the skirt and I'm good to go. I soon plan to layer it under my loose black, Jil Sander-like t-shirt from COS to emulate this look. Yes, I see lots of possibilities. How would you wear a bright, colourful shirt?

Aug 22, 2011

Perfect for a dash of eccentricity,

Source: H&M Autumn 2011 Collection

Leopard gloves, I'm coming to get you!

Edit: They look absolutely horrific irl. It's always a toss-up with the high street, isn't it?

Aug 21, 2011


Source: Unknown

I find it useful to try to adhere to a few rules when I go shopping, although I also try never to forget that rules do have exceptions. I've had these rules in the back of my mind for about a year now and what I've noticed since starting to approach garments in relation to certain criteria is, perhaps not surprisingly, that my shopping pattern has changed as a result of it. I seem to have cut down significantly on shopping just for the sake of shopping and buying things that are merely okay. Simply put, I shop less and more or less stopped shopping unconsciously. In that sense, mindfulness of the quality of clothes and how they suit you--your colouring, your body, your style--are great tools in the pursuit of a wardrobe filled with garments you'll want to wear for a long time and that have at least the potential to go the distance with you. So, here are a few of the rules, I try to keep in mind when I'm out and about with a burning hole in my pocket:

  • Rule #1: Don't duplicate unless you're upgrading.
  • Rule #2: Don't upgrade just for the sake of upgrading.
  • Rule #3: Only get garments that look perfect to you.
  • Rule #4: Only get garments that fit.
  • Rule #5: Only get colours that suit your skin tone.
  • Rule #6: Only get garments that have been made from pure fabrics (no polyester, acrylics etc.).
  • Rule #7: Only get garments that have been sewn properly, so check the seams!

And once the garments after close scrutiny have made it all the way into your closet, remember you also have to respect them. Great quality doesn't mean that you don't have to take good care of your clothes too. So separate your whites, wash at low degrees, wash in your hands or use washing bags for  the most fragile of the garments, get to know your dry cleaners and, whatever you do, don't put anything in the dryer!

Aug 20, 2011


blazer BY MALENE BIRGER (2ND HAND) t-shirt dress WON HUNDRED
shirt HOLLY FULTON FOR ASOS leggings STINE GOYA plimsolls H&M

This picture's a couple of months old now but taken on a sunny day like today. Because I find the leggings a little bit challenging to style, they are the kind of garment I build an outfit around rather than just throw on. I like challenging pieces though. They force me to rethink the possible relations between the pieces in my wardrobe. This is a quality that makes difficult garments especially valuable to me. The picture also reminds me that I need take up ironing. Making a note of it. Bah!

Aug 19, 2011

With the risk of sounding like an obsessed lunatic...

which I, of course, am in a sense, I must say that the patterned shoes to the front left in below picture would look totes cute with my By Malene Birger blazer. You know, the one I'm always babbling on about. And now that we're at it, I wouldn't mind the black ones in the back either. Heck, I'll take Dalmation ones as well, THANK YOU.

The shoes are from Stine Goya's SS12 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. They're quite probably showpieces, but for the sake of temptation, let's hope not.

Picture snagged from Spotding.

Aug 18, 2011


As some of you know, I've already started planning 2012 in terms of new basic wardrobe acquisitions. I started the process by taking stock of my basic wardrobe to determine which basics I most urgently need. Some of these items, I hope to find this coming autumn. The rest comprise 8 specific pieces that I've managed to convince myself need to find their way into my wardrobe in 2012. They are:

  • Glossy black brogues or loafers (still considering these that I wrote about here).
  • Nude or black sleeveless silk blouse.
  • Breton stripe cotton blouse.
  • Light cotton or viscose trousers to replace the gaping hole in my wardrobe these puppies will undoubtedly leave. Preferably rich green or rusty red.
  • Black skirt. I have none in my wardrobe and have neglected buying the perfect one for too long.
  • Black plimsolls. I need to upgrade some old H&M ones with a cracked sole.
  • Silk or viscose dress for day and night. Any colour but black. Possibly patterned.
  • Shorts. Any colour but black. I've already got some old black shorts from Mango that have one more season left in them.
  • Add to these 8 pieces 1-2 unpredicted items that I simply can't pass up for reasons already mentioned and we hit 9-10 items. (How very French wardrobe-esque of me.)

Let's see if the list changes much with time. Experience tells me it will, but maybe I'll surprise myself.

Picture via: Closet Visit.

Aug 17, 2011

Two Shirts...

that caught my eye during Copenhagen Fashion Week in the beginning of August were these pretty pastel coloured specimens from Wackerhaus' SS12 collection:

I'm especially fond of the white and purple one in the first picture (and now that we happen to be looking at the picture: the trousers are not too shabby either). I am sort of on the look-out for a cute pastel top to complete a particular outfit I have in mind. Hopefully, however, I'll find a pastel top on one of my charity shop rounds soon(-ish), so I won't have to seriously consider getting the Wackerhaus shirt next summer. Why? A pastel shirt or blouse is not exactly on my top priority 2012 list.

Pictures via: Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Aug 16, 2011


Perhaps a testament to my hoarding nature, I never settled on just one style and would hate to find my daily routine of getting dressed rigorously confined to a certain set of style rules. I thus have quite a lot of different styles to play around with in my wardrobe. As I've indicated before, however, 2012 is  going to be mainly about the basics for me. Not that I'm not leaving a little bit of way room in the grander scheme of things to allow for something wilder to sneak into my wardrobe. I am after all a firm believer in not passing up on a reasonably priced, perfectly printed item. Such items are simply too hard to come by to not act on. Below, I show you some current favorite printed wardrobe pieces of mine, all acquired in 2011 and all, if not found second hand, bought with heavy discount tags (click to enlarge):

From left:
  • Thrifted blazer with geometric print from By Malene Birger. Pretty famous on this blog by now. What can I say? I love it to bits.
  • Paisley printed vintage shirt from Cacharel. I've spent a relatively large amount of time just staring at this shirt's infinitely pretty print. I was so happy it fit me, when I found it.
  • Denim corset dress with ethnic print from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
  • Cotton tank top with graphic print from Eley Kishimoto.
  • Cardigan with geometric flower print from Paul by Paul Smith.

Aug 15, 2011

Having had more than my sartorial fill of 2011...

I'm not planning on shopping much in its latter part. Plus, I really want to save for the January sales where I expect to find some epic bargains. There are, however, a few basic items that I'm on the look-out for this coming fall:

  • High waisted black jeans. I'm hoping Acne will save me here but I haven't started actively looking yet. I need to take a day out of my calendar to do just that before we hit October. Hopefully that won't be too painful. Top of my birthday wish list.
  • White t-shirt with a round neck.
  • Gloves. I really like these ruby colourblock mittens, but are they really a sensible buy? Somehow, the greater part of my brain is telling me that butter soft leather gloves should be on the top of my glove list.
  • Belt. Black, brown or navy. I've been eyeing this for quite a while now but still somehow haven't managed to press buy.

I should mention that I don't count charity shopping in this equation. The items that do amass through such activity are sort of the jokers in my wardrobe. However, I try to be very strict in terms of what I buy in charity shops; great condition, great quality and great fit being essential influences. The influx of items from this sort of shopping is therefore not that great. Plus, I really don't spend a whole lot of time charity shopping. I hit my local one once or twice per week when I happen to pass by it with 10 minutes to spare.

Pictures via: SCHUHTUTEHEMD and Arvida Byström

Music Monday: Lene Lovich

I'm obsessed with this 1979 number. Great hook, great performance, great video.

The rhythmic stride of her singing is very similar to fellow weird and theatrical artist Bryan Ferry.

Aug 14, 2011


Judging from the previous post, you'd think I only ever wore black with a bit of white thrown in. But don't worry, I do blue with a bit of white thrown in too:

dress MONKI blouse PAUL BY PAUL SMITH tights H&M 

Aug 13, 2011


I'm trying to be more smart in my wardrobe building ways and have decided that I need to start focusing diligently on getting in the last basics, before I can more fully embrace the more quirky aspects of my consumer habits. No, I don't underestimate the power of the basic pieces in my wardrobe. They make dressing effortless on more uninspired days and serve as a nice backdrop against which the more idiosyncratic pieces in my wardrobe fully shine.

Since I'm no fan of unnecessary duplication, I've spent some time doing an inventory of all the good basic stuff in my wardrobe. Knowing what I've got gives me a better grasp on what's missing. In the process, I've come to realise that although I don't think basics are the most fun pieces to buy, I've still managed to sneak in some great items these past couple of years. Here's an edit of some of it (click to enlarge):

From left:
  • Black silk maternity dress. Yes--a maternity dress. However, it happens to look stunningly chic with a waist belt, so I'm keeping it for the odd cocktail hour. Thrifted.
  • Black blazer from Zara. The perfect summer jacket.
  • White blazer with geometric print in earthy nuances from By Malene Birger. OK, perhaps not so basic, but since I use it with more or less anything, it might just as well be. Thrifted.
  • Long black chunky cardigan from COS.
  • Black and white striped cardigan with rainbow details from Mads Nørgaard. OK, this is actually about five years old, but it was such a bargain and I still absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I haven't taken the best care of it--the white stripes have gone slightly grey (any clever suggestions for fixing the problem, I'm all ears).
  • Black shirt with silk front and cotton back from COS.
  • Oversized black cotton shirt with discrete purple and blue drops from Monki.
  • Black silk blouse. As seen here and here. Vintage.

And there's more. Following items should complete the inventory list of great basics that need no replacement:

The question now is: what's missing?

Aug 12, 2011

Tassels & Fringe

Like many other fashion conscious people on the planet, I'm sort of on the look-out for the perfect pair of loafers. With a penchant for the more eccentric styles, I naturally revel in tassel and fringe combos. My heart therefore duly fluttered when this pair suddenly stared back at me from the webpages of ASOS last night:

To me at least, they are adorable. There is, however, one thing that taints my love of them: their contrast soles.

WHY must they be white or light wood? (I confess to not being able to see which it is.) I'm not happy about that at all.

..I think.

And so, I'll continue keeping an eye on them right here.

Pictures via: ASOS

Aug 11, 2011

The Wardrobe At The End Of The Rainbow

So, I've established myself as a maximalist. Here's a wardrobe that makes my heart swoon:

Like professional blogger Susie Lau, I would also organise my clothes according to type. I would even take it one step further and sub-organise it according to colour and make little rainbows hanging from the racks. No, I'm not a unicorn.

Aug 10, 2011

High Speed Fashion

...but not nearly enough clothes.

While I've always been fascinated by people who are disciplined enough to implement the philosophy of minimalism in their lives, I must admit that I have never had the inclination to follow along that road. Well... except for that one time in my life when I let my fantasies get the better of me and, for a brief moment, succeeded in convincing myself that buried somewhere deep inside my hoarding maximalist tendencies my true self was hiding in all its ascetic and Gandhi-like glory.

I had just returned from India dominated by thoughts about the transience of all things and was acutely feeling that earthly belongings tied me down. This state of mind soon prompted me to hand over to the local charity shop three random plastic bags filled with a good part of my vast and much beloved book collection. (It was precisely the intense degree of attachment I felt towards my books that propelled my urge to get rid of them. The greater the attachment, the greater the need to be rid of them. Stuff like that is exponential.)

Of course, it took me less than a week to realise that I had been completely wrong about my assumptions about my true personality, but when I returned to the charity shop ready to dole out the dough to correct my folly, I found no trace of the books.

Years have passed since I briefly lost and quickly re-found my maximalist self, and although not all of the books have been replaced, my book collection has grown much, much vaster than it was back then. Unfortunately, however, I can't say the same for my wardrobe. And as of late, I've come to realise exactly why this is. In three words: high street shopping.

Although I had a tight shopping budget as a student, it wasn't because I wasn't buying clothes that my wardrobe didn't grow over the years; my wardrobe didn't grow because the clothes I bought deteriorated at too high a speed. Very few things survived my twenties simply because they weren't tailored to last. Granted, the clothes was cheap enough to prompt me to buy it - cheap enough to make me buy it even if I didn't love it - but most of the clothes was also very poorly crafted and made out of tatty fabric that lost its shape after only a few washes.

From this experience, I've come to view high street shopping as the sartorial equivalent of crack: a quick fix that cleans out your wallet, but eventually makes you look like shit in washed-out, shapeless clothes  ripping at the seams. In a sense, the high street has made its fortune precisely by capitalising on transience and the intentioned short life span of the clothes is directly integrated in the garments it sells. I see this in at least two ways: 1) through ever-changing trends that often have nothing to do with style and everything to do with hype and 2) through poor production quality.

I should add that this is a general observation. I do actually think that it's possible to find garments of if not great then good quality on the high street. You just have to keep your wits about you to withstand the seduction. However, I have to admit that I've purposely started to shy away from the high street. With this new perspective, it simply seems too expensive and futile in the long run to attempt to build a wardrobe exclusively through high street shopping. Positively Sisyphean. 'Less and better' is my new mantra as I develop and fine-tune my new shopping philosophy and attempt to steer my wardrobe in a completely new direction. I've got a slow speed maximalist wardrobe in the making. More on that later.

Pictures: Unknown & H&M