Aug 18, 2011


As some of you know, I've already started planning 2012 in terms of new basic wardrobe acquisitions. I started the process by taking stock of my basic wardrobe to determine which basics I most urgently need. Some of these items, I hope to find this coming autumn. The rest comprise 8 specific pieces that I've managed to convince myself need to find their way into my wardrobe in 2012. They are:

  • Glossy black brogues or loafers (still considering these that I wrote about here).
  • Nude or black sleeveless silk blouse.
  • Breton stripe cotton blouse.
  • Light cotton or viscose trousers to replace the gaping hole in my wardrobe these puppies will undoubtedly leave. Preferably rich green or rusty red.
  • Black skirt. I have none in my wardrobe and have neglected buying the perfect one for too long.
  • Black plimsolls. I need to upgrade some old H&M ones with a cracked sole.
  • Silk or viscose dress for day and night. Any colour but black. Possibly patterned.
  • Shorts. Any colour but black. I've already got some old black shorts from Mango that have one more season left in them.
  • Add to these 8 pieces 1-2 unpredicted items that I simply can't pass up for reasons already mentioned and we hit 9-10 items. (How very French wardrobe-esque of me.)

Let's see if the list changes much with time. Experience tells me it will, but maybe I'll surprise myself.

Picture via: Closet Visit.

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