Aug 13, 2011


I'm trying to be more smart in my wardrobe building ways and have decided that I need to start focusing diligently on getting in the last basics, before I can more fully embrace the more quirky aspects of my consumer habits. No, I don't underestimate the power of the basic pieces in my wardrobe. They make dressing effortless on more uninspired days and serve as a nice backdrop against which the more idiosyncratic pieces in my wardrobe fully shine.

Since I'm no fan of unnecessary duplication, I've spent some time doing an inventory of all the good basic stuff in my wardrobe. Knowing what I've got gives me a better grasp on what's missing. In the process, I've come to realise that although I don't think basics are the most fun pieces to buy, I've still managed to sneak in some great items these past couple of years. Here's an edit of some of it (click to enlarge):

From left:
  • Black silk maternity dress. Yes--a maternity dress. However, it happens to look stunningly chic with a waist belt, so I'm keeping it for the odd cocktail hour. Thrifted.
  • Black blazer from Zara. The perfect summer jacket.
  • White blazer with geometric print in earthy nuances from By Malene Birger. OK, perhaps not so basic, but since I use it with more or less anything, it might just as well be. Thrifted.
  • Long black chunky cardigan from COS.
  • Black and white striped cardigan with rainbow details from Mads Nørgaard. OK, this is actually about five years old, but it was such a bargain and I still absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I haven't taken the best care of it--the white stripes have gone slightly grey (any clever suggestions for fixing the problem, I'm all ears).
  • Black shirt with silk front and cotton back from COS.
  • Oversized black cotton shirt with discrete purple and blue drops from Monki.
  • Black silk blouse. As seen here and here. Vintage.

And there's more. Following items should complete the inventory list of great basics that need no replacement:

The question now is: what's missing?

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