Aug 21, 2011


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I find it useful to try to adhere to a few rules when I go shopping, although I also try never to forget that rules do have exceptions. I've had these rules in the back of my mind for about a year now and what I've noticed since starting to approach garments in relation to certain criteria is, perhaps not surprisingly, that my shopping pattern has changed as a result of it. I seem to have cut down significantly on shopping just for the sake of shopping and buying things that are merely okay. Simply put, I shop less and more or less stopped shopping unconsciously. In that sense, mindfulness of the quality of clothes and how they suit you--your colouring, your body, your style--are great tools in the pursuit of a wardrobe filled with garments you'll want to wear for a long time and that have at least the potential to go the distance with you. So, here are a few of the rules, I try to keep in mind when I'm out and about with a burning hole in my pocket:

  • Rule #1: Don't duplicate unless you're upgrading.
  • Rule #2: Don't upgrade just for the sake of upgrading.
  • Rule #3: Only get garments that look perfect to you.
  • Rule #4: Only get garments that fit.
  • Rule #5: Only get colours that suit your skin tone.
  • Rule #6: Only get garments that have been made from pure fabrics (no polyester, acrylics etc.).
  • Rule #7: Only get garments that have been sewn properly, so check the seams!

And once the garments after close scrutiny have made it all the way into your closet, remember you also have to respect them. Great quality doesn't mean that you don't have to take good care of your clothes too. So separate your whites, wash at low degrees, wash in your hands or use washing bags for  the most fragile of the garments, get to know your dry cleaners and, whatever you do, don't put anything in the dryer!

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