Aug 16, 2011


Perhaps a testament to my hoarding nature, I never settled on just one style and would hate to find my daily routine of getting dressed rigorously confined to a certain set of style rules. I thus have quite a lot of different styles to play around with in my wardrobe. As I've indicated before, however, 2012 is  going to be mainly about the basics for me. Not that I'm not leaving a little bit of way room in the grander scheme of things to allow for something wilder to sneak into my wardrobe. I am after all a firm believer in not passing up on a reasonably priced, perfectly printed item. Such items are simply too hard to come by to not act on. Below, I show you some current favorite printed wardrobe pieces of mine, all acquired in 2011 and all, if not found second hand, bought with heavy discount tags (click to enlarge):

From left:
  • Thrifted blazer with geometric print from By Malene Birger. Pretty famous on this blog by now. What can I say? I love it to bits.
  • Paisley printed vintage shirt from Cacharel. I've spent a relatively large amount of time just staring at this shirt's infinitely pretty print. I was so happy it fit me, when I found it.
  • Denim corset dress with ethnic print from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
  • Cotton tank top with graphic print from Eley Kishimoto.
  • Cardigan with geometric flower print from Paul by Paul Smith.

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