Aug 23, 2011


As mentioned here, the clothes I find rummaging through the odd charity shop are sort of my wardrobe wildcards. Often, I would never dream of including the garments I find here on my must-have lists, but--surprise-surprise!--I end up getting loads of wear out of them anyway.

Before the summer holidays started, I found this bright green shirt from Bruuns Bazaar down my local charity shop. I've only worn it twice so far, but I'm sure I'll keep coming back to it in the future, since it fits me well, has the perfect stiff collar for layering and adds a nice pop of colour to an ensemble. Right now, I'm obsessed with wearing it with a very, very old, wide, graphic black-and-white striped, midi-length skirt from H&M (which incidentally needs an upgrade at some point, since the white stripes have turned grey on me (story of my life) and its shape isn't holding up very well). I button the shirt all the way up, tuck it into the skirt and I'm good to go. I soon plan to layer it under my loose black, Jil Sander-like t-shirt from COS to emulate this look. Yes, I see lots of possibilities. How would you wear a bright, colourful shirt?

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