Sep 20, 2011


Acne's SS12 collection is everywhere right now. But who could blame a style blogger for publicly displaying her love of a collection of Moroccan inspired urban styles in popping bright colours and loose airy silhouettes? Not me! The point of this post, however, is not to showcase the looks I found particularly alluring in this collection (although there were several). No, what I want to draw your attention to with this post is a particular skirt silhouette that looks strikingly similar to this, my own Acne skirt, which I got for a steal on Yoox last spring and which I ended up wearing to both of the summer weddings I attended in July. It's a bit of a story with that skirt, because I actually thought it was a wrong purchase for a good while. I tried wearing it out a couple of times just because I felt I had to since I'd bought it, but I never actually thought I'd managed to make it look any good. I thus fell into thinking that the skirt simply was not for me, until I one day tried it on at random with my short-ish, black silk blouse (also worn at both weddings) and had a style epiphany: the reason the skirt had looked so wrong was that I'd been wearing it with the wrong kinds of tops! DUUUH! Tops worn with this type of skirt should never be so long that they layer on top of it -- unless, of course, you're deliberately seeking out that short-legged, wide-hipped mumsy look. So, from Acne's SS12 collection, here's a little further styling inspiration from me to me:

All of this has also got me thinking that I definitely need more cropped styles to complement all of the high waisted styles in my wardrobe. Hmm!

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