Sep 28, 2011

Autumn List Update

This past week has been very effective in terms of meeting my autumn list of bare necessities. Yesterday I stopped by the Weekday store and got myself a pair of black Cheap Monday jeans with a 25% discount, and a couple of days ago when I was getting out my winter coats from a storage box, I found a white American Apparel t-shirt with a round neck. I'd put the t-shirt away when I was too pregnant to wear it and had since forgotten all about it. That's two out of four items crossed off the list already, and it's not even October:

  • High waisted black jeans.
  • White t-shirt with a round neck.
  • Gloves.
  • Belt. Black, brown or navy.

  • Apart from that, only one extracurricular item too fabulous to pass over has managed to sneak in, namely, the aforementioned pair of bingo ball tights.

    From these meagre spendings, I think we can safely conclude that, at least so far, this autumn's turning out to be very good to my battered old wallet!

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