Sep 11, 2011

Bottle Green vs. Classic Burwood

The search for the investment pieces I'm acquiring in 2012 has already begun, and one of the things I'm looking for is the perfect pair of high-end brogues or loafers. If I really search my soul, I think it'll quite probably end up being the former I throw my money after, but that remains to be seen. So far, I have my eyes on two pairs of glossed leather brogues both from Church's:

Pictures via: Net-a-Porter.

Shiny, eh? I think I prefer the bottle green ones, but am not completely decided yet. Their design is simpler and I like that their bottle green hue has more depth. Moreover, I think the classic ones look weird (bad weird) from above and although it's only me that will be seeing them from that angle, it still matters to me, since, well, I'll be seeing them like that every time I look down. However, they might also just look weird because the laces have been tied too tightly. Anyhow, the jury's still out. So what do you think? And do you know where I can find great alternatives? Find these ones here and here.

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