Sep 10, 2011


This is what happened on my much anticipated trip to the charity shop yesterday: I went there early and was able to gather a small mountain of new interesting garments to accompany me to the changing room. Unfortunately, however, only one of the things I was drawn to fit me, so I had to leave the rest behind (let's not mention the red autumn coat from Burburry that was way too big on me). The thing that fit me was this black ghetto fabulous glittery cardigan from August Silk (it's not as grey as the picture wants it to be):

It's 70% silk, 20% polyester and 10% metal, which obviously makes it a clear exception to my shopping rules. But who cares? It's GLITTAH! It's also unbelievably silky soft. Moreover, I think it traverses that famous thin line between taste and tastelessness that, in my opinion, makes for interesting dressing. I just have to wash it and then I'll show you how I'll wear it.

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