Sep 6, 2011


Trying to stay on topic with my fall list and not just falling in love with beautiful items left and right, I'm currently eyeballing three great belts on ASOS from French fashion house Cacharel:

I love their monochrome slickness. There's something so unexpected about matching the colours of belt and buckle. I'm having a hard time deciding which one to get though. Although I think I'd get the most wear out of the navy belt, I love the others at least just as much. I might even like the nude version best, just because its expression is so clean. I know what the sensible buy would be though, but who wants to listen to sense when they're in love? If I was a Francophile, I'd have no problem--I'd simply get all three of them and wear them together in the graphic order peach-nude-navy. It would be my off-colour nod to the tricolore. But, alas, I'm no Francophile. So what to do?

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