Sep 3, 2011

signature hair is good for the face

I used to hate getting my hair cut and always felt it took a long time to get used to it after it had been cut. Therefore, I didn't have my hair cut too often and always had it cut relatively short when I did. In my misguided state of mind, chopping off a good part of it meant that I could wait a very long time before I had to suffer the trauma of having it cut again. What I didn't realise at the time, however, was that "getting used to" my new hair really meant waiting until it had reached a length that suited my face. Somehow, I neglected being conscious of the moment my hair reached that exact length. Thankfully, that has all changed now. I now know what suits me and what doesn't and can give the hair dresser clear directions: cut the fringe in a straight line that just covers my eyebrows and the rest of the hair to just below the collar bone. It's incredible how much the right--and the wrong!--hair does to the face. It's enough to make me recognise any desire for change as irrational. Do you have a signature hairdo?


(Yes, I need a haircut.)

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