Sep 21, 2011

for more than keeping your toes warm

Many years ago I was sharing a tent with two girlfriends at Roskilde Festival. Two of us came early in the week to set up camp and hang out, while the last one came a few days later. We weren't there when she arrived, but she said afterwards that when she'd peeped inside our tent, she'd had no problem discerning who was sleeping where: my rainbow pile of socks had revealed me!

I've had a thing for socks for a long time. It crept in somewhere during my early teens when I first started experimenting with clothes and it just stuck. It's kind of hard to go back though; I really think the right pair of socks can elevate an outfit. I'm thus always on the look-out for a great pair of socks.

The grid socks above are the most recent socks to grab my attention. The price is okay too. Get them here.

Picture via: ASOS but edited by me.

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