Oct 28, 2011


On my way out to buy a present, I swung by my local charity shop and found two items I couldn't resist. That's five things so far this month.

Statement jumper 40 DKK: A jumper with a striking motif incorporating glittery blue yarn and a satin leopard with pink pearl dots. What's not to like? Or maybe: what's there to like? I think both rhetorical questions apply to this particular jumper, since it's got that Italian ugly-chic thing going on! The brand says Q-CON.

White lace shirt 40 DKK: This is my first lace shirt, so I've filled a gap here, people! The collar on the shirt is perfect: stiff, not too small and sits well on my throat. The shirt is from the small Danish brand Bajusz.

Oct 25, 2011


I've been saving up for a masculine shoe for a while now, which means I've been doing a whole lot of searching on the webs and in my heart. And although I am almost 100% sure that I've set my heart on these Derby shoes from Church's, that doesn't mean I'm not still searching for alternatives as well. There's time to spare, you see, since--if they can wait for me that long--I'm counting on the Derbies to move in with me on a discount as late as in January. I thus have plenty of time to surf by stylepaste.com to check out these cool ankle boots from Rochas every now and again:

I've decided to name them ankle brogues. And they look God Damned flawless to me.

In my dream world, I'd pair the boots with this paisley-collared cropped shirt from J.W. Anderson:

After all, I'm in dire need of cropped tops and this one too looks flawless. (And a girl can dream.) Funnily, cropped tops didn't make my 2012 shopping list specifically, and yet they seem to have been constantly on my mind since I had my little high-waist-cropped-top-epiphany. However subtle, I smell a change of plans coming on. Is this only the beginning?

Get the boots here and the shirt here.

Pictures: stylepaste.com and ASOS.

Oct 22, 2011


Liza Minnelli shot by Terry Richardson for issue 6 of LOVE. I actually got this issue in London a while back--in July to be precise--but I've yet to declare that I love it to bits. The above Minnelli feature is but one of many reasons; editor-in-chief Katie Grand's intelligent eloquence another. Sometimes she's positively poetic:

"If the act of looking is the eye caressing an object, then painting is the mark of that caress."

I simply cannot get my hands down -- this magazine is a brick chock-full of substantial reading. If only imported magazines were cheaper in Copenhagen..

Picture of Katie Grand snagged from Terry's Diary.

Oct 19, 2011


It looks elegant on dogs. It looks elegant on humans too. With its scattered black spots on a white background, how could a Dalmatian print not? No wonder, then, that I'm eyeing a few Dalmatian things at the moment, albeit with reservations. (No, shopping ain't easy.) (And yes, I admit it, I'm an ASOS addict.)

ASOS faux fur mittens. I'm hesitant about the synthetic material and the 100% polyester lining though. The few polyester garments I do own, I only wear sparingly, because they cling uncomfortably to my body, create electricity and make me sweat buckets. But these gloves are insanely cute. Hmm.

Blouse from DANSK. Two things make this top problematic for me: 1) the exposed zipper at the back looks disharmonious and pointless and is altogether too trendy for my liking. It won't stand the test of time. Put that in the coffin together with your leather sleeved cardigans, please. 2) 20% polyester (see above). A shame really, since the white collar and cuffs look pretty enough and the sleeves appear to be cut at my favorite length: just above the wrist.


I'm gonna stop whining about less than stellar clothes now and hop into bed and continue my marathon reading of FABLES.

Oct 13, 2011



A Breton striped blouse paired with French tailored trousers and a French vest -- how stereotypically French of me! I also like the play with proportion effected by the oversized blouse and the too-small vest. (PS: The Etoile by Isabel Marant vest incidentally reminds me of a vest I used to wear in early childhood.) (That's a good thing!)

Oct 12, 2011


If the first twelve days of the month are anything to go by, October is turning out to be yet another thrift score bonanza month for me. I already magically thrifted a Mulberry coat on Monday while today, on my way to the library, I managed to thrift these two boho-chic babies:

Cream vest from Etoile by Isabel Marant 20 DKK: Being a size 1, this vest is a little too small for me, but after assessing it in the changing room, I decided that it works open too. (And if I'm to be completely honest here, the dangerous cocktail of a high-end brand with a teeny tiny price tag probably also had more than a big influence on my getting it.) (GUILTY.)

Gold sleeveless silk top from Day Birger et Mikkelsen 20 DKK: A shimmery, lightly sequined cropped blouse to go with the high waisted styles in my wardrobe.

Oct 11, 2011


I sound like a ninety year old trying to be hip, but I'm keeping that headline anyway cos that's exactly how I feel sometimes. Except I don't try, of course, I DO. But enough subtle references to dear old Yoda (although subtle references to Yoda are something I feel a hipster would include in conversation at least occasionally): I promised to show you an example of how I'd wear the glittery cardigan I thrifted back in September, but since I've been too lazy to make a picture happen, I decided to make a mood board instead today. You said it: FUN! (scuse the exceptionally crinkly t-shirt; I had to fish it out of the laundry basket.)


Oct 10, 2011


Well, it's a close one between what I just picked up down the charity shop and my By Malene Birger blazer. I mean, look:

I found a gore-tex Mulberry jacket! Price: 200 DKK.

Shallow creature that I am, this totally made my Monday. I mean, look again:

It's got a leather collar and a checked print lining. Swooning & beaming to the max today.

Oct 5, 2011


I've been crushing a little bit on this silk Marc by Marc Jacobs dress from his AW11 collection:

I love the colours and the cute running impala print. I thus couldn't help noticing this ASOS kimono with a, shall we say, heavily inspired print:

It's just running deer. Do you buy "copies" of any kind?

Get the dress here and the kimono jacket here.

Oct 3, 2011


This is what I wore Sunday -- my Japanese superhero outfit:


I felt invincible in this ensemble. Kind of like this:

If you don't mind a healthy dose of theater blood and freaky mutations, this movie is fantastic by the way.

Oct 1, 2011


Compared to the other months of 2011, I think I've charity shopped quite a lot this September. When added up, the month's worth amounts to four items, which may not sound like a terrible lot to you, but if I did that every month for a year, those innocent four items would quickly add up to 48 pieces that I would have to find room for in my wardrobe. Crazy!

As you might have noticed, I've decided to document everything I buy from charity shops in order to heighten my consciousness of my thrift shopping patterns. As with sales, it's sometimes easy to just buy something although it's not quite as perfect as you'd like, since it's so cheap anyway. I really want to avoid that, but it requires constant perseverance.

Let us refresh what I bought this September. First, I found a glittery cardigan that I've already gotten a ton of use out of (see here). Then I found a pink blazer that I'm having second thoughts about (I bought it and cut out the padded shoulders, but I'm not quite sure if the shoulders aren't still too big) and a jean jacket that I've been looking for for a while (see here). And now yesterday, on the last day of the month, I found yet another item:

Brown pouch bag with leather details 45 DKK: A classic bag with a pretty, speckled design.

When added up, I've spent 150 DKK on charity shopping this month. Not too much damage, then.

Do you thrift a lot?