Oct 25, 2011


I've been saving up for a masculine shoe for a while now, which means I've been doing a whole lot of searching on the webs and in my heart. And although I am almost 100% sure that I've set my heart on these Derby shoes from Church's, that doesn't mean I'm not still searching for alternatives as well. There's time to spare, you see, since--if they can wait for me that long--I'm counting on the Derbies to move in with me on a discount as late as in January. I thus have plenty of time to surf by stylepaste.com to check out these cool ankle boots from Rochas every now and again:

I've decided to name them ankle brogues. And they look God Damned flawless to me.

In my dream world, I'd pair the boots with this paisley-collared cropped shirt from J.W. Anderson:

After all, I'm in dire need of cropped tops and this one too looks flawless. (And a girl can dream.) Funnily, cropped tops didn't make my 2012 shopping list specifically, and yet they seem to have been constantly on my mind since I had my little high-waist-cropped-top-epiphany. However subtle, I smell a change of plans coming on. Is this only the beginning?

Get the boots here and the shirt here.

Pictures: stylepaste.com and ASOS.

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