Oct 19, 2011


It looks elegant on dogs. It looks elegant on humans too. With its scattered black spots on a white background, how could a Dalmatian print not? No wonder, then, that I'm eyeing a few Dalmatian things at the moment, albeit with reservations. (No, shopping ain't easy.) (And yes, I admit it, I'm an ASOS addict.)

ASOS faux fur mittens. I'm hesitant about the synthetic material and the 100% polyester lining though. The few polyester garments I do own, I only wear sparingly, because they cling uncomfortably to my body, create electricity and make me sweat buckets. But these gloves are insanely cute. Hmm.

Blouse from DANSK. Two things make this top problematic for me: 1) the exposed zipper at the back looks disharmonious and pointless and is altogether too trendy for my liking. It won't stand the test of time. Put that in the coffin together with your leather sleeved cardigans, please. 2) 20% polyester (see above). A shame really, since the white collar and cuffs look pretty enough and the sleeves appear to be cut at my favorite length: just above the wrist.


I'm gonna stop whining about less than stellar clothes now and hop into bed and continue my marathon reading of FABLES.

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