Oct 1, 2011


Compared to the other months of 2011, I think I've charity shopped quite a lot this September. When added up, the month's worth amounts to four items, which may not sound like a terrible lot to you, but if I did that every month for a year, those innocent four items would quickly add up to 48 pieces that I would have to find room for in my wardrobe. Crazy!

As you might have noticed, I've decided to document everything I buy from charity shops in order to heighten my consciousness of my thrift shopping patterns. As with sales, it's sometimes easy to just buy something although it's not quite as perfect as you'd like, since it's so cheap anyway. I really want to avoid that, but it requires constant perseverance.

Let us refresh what I bought this September. First, I found a glittery cardigan that I've already gotten a ton of use out of (see here). Then I found a pink blazer that I'm having second thoughts about (I bought it and cut out the padded shoulders, but I'm not quite sure if the shoulders aren't still too big) and a jean jacket that I've been looking for for a while (see here). And now yesterday, on the last day of the month, I found yet another item:

Brown pouch bag with leather details 45 DKK: A classic bag with a pretty, speckled design.

When added up, I've spent 150 DKK on charity shopping this month. Not too much damage, then.

Do you thrift a lot?

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