Nov 26, 2011


This morning, I went to a big Salvation Army flea market in my neighbourhood with lots of great vintage clothes. Armed with a heightened consciousness of my thrift shopping patterns, I was determined only to take home items in perfect condition and which fit. I found plenty of things to try on, including a pair of black high waisted trousers with the sickest flower print (the colour palette was not unlike this Zara blazer)--a trouser style that currently ranges high on my thrifting wish list. Unfortunately, since the trousers were too big, I had to leave them behind with a bleeding heart. (Great printed pants will happen to me eventually. Right?!) For the same reason, a great western style brown suede jacket with fringes was also destined to be ultimately snapped up by someone a little larger than me.

Just a single item lived up to all of my preconditions:

Rose print silk tie top 30 DKK: It looks and feels positively luxurious--it's a blouse fit for a lady. I'm looking particularly forward to playing around with this one. From Bajusz (just like my thrifted lace shirt), it's one of those items I know will stay in my wardrobe until I'm pushing up the daisies.

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