Nov 30, 2011


There's no days left of November, which means we've reached the time for looking back and reflecting over the thrift shopping I've done. The ugly truth:

  • Black asymmetric Ivan Grundahl skirt (see here). Great find. DKK50.
  • Homemade checked wool skirt. I've worn it once so far. A bit of a challenge. DKK35.
  • Red Cacharel shirt. Already wore it three or four times (see here). DKK35.
  • Homemade long glimmering jacket. A mistake. It was too big and the sewing job was a bit dodgy. I gave it to a girlfriend who was pretty pleased with it though. DKK40.
  • Long, grey Bruuns Bazaar cardigan (see here). Great basic. DKK80.
  • Stripy blue sheer cardigan from The Earth Collection (see here). The jury's still out on this one. DKK35.
  • Red silk tie top from Bajusz (see here). A piece of understated exclusivity. It feels divine. DKK30.

I thus ended up thrifting for 305 DKK this month. Out of this, 75 DKK were unnecessarily spent, so I'll definitely be proceeding with more caution from here. Can't wait to see what December brings in terms of thrifting!

Picture via: Facehunter.

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