Nov 1, 2011


A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! Or, in my case, time to assess the thrift shopping damage done by the month just passed. Here's the score:

  • Mulberry coat 200 DKK. See here.
  • Etoile by Isabel Marant vest 20 DKK. See here.
  • Day Birger et Mikkelsen crop sequin top 20 DKK. See here.
  • Q-CON statement jumper 40 DKK. See here.
  • Bajusz lace shirt 40 DKK. See here.

Yesterday, I also managed to pull this shirt from the racks on my way home:

Checked shirt by Munthe plus Simonsen 60 DKK: Made of a thick crepe fabric and with nice long but short sleeves. The checked pattern reminds of a tea towel. I'm going to use it with skirts to wane off its otherwise very square, manly vibes. Probably skirts I don't have yet. Hahaha! We'll see.

Obviously, my local charity shop isn't the cheapest in the world, so the six items I got this month amount to the relatively steep total of 380 DKK. YOWZA! On the other hand, as my father remarked the other day: That's good for a girl!

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