Dec 24, 2011


Yesterday, I stepped out to get my hair cut and stopped by a Red Cross charity shop on my way home. I got a sea green belt for 15DKK because its golden buckle is fantastic:

I also got a dark blue-green-and-yellow checked jacket for spring:

It's made of wool and viscose and cost 65DKK. The shoulders on the jacket are quite exaggerated, but unlike this blazer, I think it actually works here, since it's kind of shaped like a varsity jacket. I must have about a squillion jackets ready for spring by now.

But first things first. Right now I'm preparing to go yuletide holiday mental and will be traveling both south and north to be with family, so if things seem extra quiet around here, it's simply because I'm busy getting into the Christmas spirit with my nearest & dearest! Happy holidays!

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