Dec 20, 2011


I never received a newsletter heads up or anything, but earlier this evening I noticed that the UK NET-A-PORTER sale is finally on - and - lo and behold! - the bottle green Shannon shoes from Church's that I've been pining, lusting and longing for since September are now on sale. 

That, of course, would have been fantastic shopping news to me, had my size not sold out already in the beginning of December.

Oh yes.

We'll leave that standing for a moment.

MAJOR shoe crisis.

I've been making imaginary outfits with these babies for so long now that they seem an utterly and completely indispensable part of my wardrobe. My sense of loss is so bad that I keep considering and reconsidering going up a half size just to be with them. Other than that, my only hope is that out of the three pairs they had left not too long ago, at least one is a Christmas present destined to be returned.. Entirely possible, yes, universe?

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