Dec 4, 2011


Yesterday, I went to a huge indoor fleemarket to try my luck and came home with these two sweethearts:

Lecomte sweater DKK150: Adding a much needed touch of pattern and bright colours, this winter necessity is a welcome addition to my sweater collection. Dark winter days, get ready to be set alight by me and my sweater!

Proenza Schouler for Target waxed jacket DKK130: My heart skipped several beats when I hit this one somewhere down the 200th rack. I've wanted a yellow raincoat with a hood for years, but just never happened upon the right one. Until now, that is! In Europe, we also don't have access to the Target designer collaborations, which just adds to the magic specialness of having found it. The jacket is a classic in my book, and I've been losing myself just staring at it since yesterday.

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