Dec 1, 2011


It may officially be the first day of winter today, but that doesn't mean that I would dream of denying myself the pleasure of drooling and obsessing over shorts! Far from it, I've scouted some pretty good deals out there, and the following three pairs have totally made my Christmas wish list:

I've had my eyes on these Wood Wood shorts ever since I saw them shimmy down the catwalk last winter. Now they're heavily discounted (60%). I soon need to make my way up to the physical shop to try them on. Get them here.

However, for just over the double the cost of those Wood Wood shorts, I could get (err.. or get given) these silk paper chain print Peter Jensen shorts in stead. They'd be no less than excellent for print clashing. Click to find them.

Finally, I've mentioned them before and I'll mention them again: these lilac shorts from Antonio Marras are just tailored perfection in my eyes.

And there you have it! So here's to finding shorts with your name on them neatly wrapped up and waiting for you in the shade of the alluring Christmas tree!

Edited to add: My eyes have been deceiving me - the Antonio Marras bermuda shorts are pink, not lilac.

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