Nov 4, 2012

grimes cancelled her european tour :(

 thrifted Esprit broderie anglaise shirt - thrifted Tiger of Sweden cardigan - Acne skirt
ASOS mittens - thrifted belt - Falke cable tights - Converse All Stars

This is my Sunday outfit. I wanted to wear the Tiger of Sweden cardigan which I thrifted this summer but never got around to wearing until now. Its floral pattern reeks of the seventies. I feel I should be sporting a pair of square-framed, brown-tinted glasses and a heavy brown mustache with it, but this preppy, tennis vibe will have to do.

Sep 9, 2012


I started a new job on Monday, and it's been zapping the energy I usually keep reserved for blogging and other such self-indulgent activities. Since I'm on a computer most of the day, fiddling with words and layout, sitting in front of a screen some more does not necessarily seem the most inviting of prospects when I get home all square-eyed and spent. Instead, I find myself just wanting to snuggle on the couch with the kid and the dude. Go to bed early. Read Wide Sargasso Sea. Sleep. Realistically, I probably need to cook something or clean something or fix whatever practicality. Maybe even go for a run? But these are new beginnings, and it's probably gonna take some time to adjust.

These pictures are from last Saturday. The forest location is pretty random. We went to a birthday party in the sticks and this is what we passed along the way. This is also what I wore. It was a 1st birthday, so I decided this was a perfect occasion for dressing to please my kiddie TV presenter alter ego: Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby D. I'm starting to really appreciate the red tights. I think they're incredible against my thrifted Designers Remix skirt and Docs. But then, I'm also beginning to discover that more or less anything looks amazing against that skirt. And the Docs for that matter. But that's not really news. Conclusion: happy about my wardrobe. Not entirely sure about the dimensions of the thrifted H&M blazer on me though, but fuck it: I'm happily seeing red here!

blouse, blazer, skirt & necklace: thrift / sunnies & tights: ASOS / Docs: ASOS Marketplace

Sep 3, 2012

i wore this to a job interview and got the job

Although I want to dress like and be everything like Fiona Apple just wants to feel everything - and in spite of this fantastic account - I admit to toning it down for work. Thus, I find myself preppifying my grungy propensities with a sharp, button-up Ralph Lauren shirt. Everything is second hand, except the belt and sunglasses.

Aug 29, 2012

Myra came in looking mournful as she always did though she smiled when she talked about hell.

Hello! Please ignore my trashy hair and try instead to focus on what is probably one of my best second hand buys in 2012: a light, flowy Burberrys dress in the softest of denim. I've certainly worn it enough times this summer to warrant that statement. No wonder: the dress is a classic piece with a strong, mumsy, hip-enhancing vibe. I guess it doesn't hurt either that it can be worn with more or less anything and still look sharp. I like to quirk it up most of the time though (surprise); hence the stripes and leo spots. In my world, socks in sandals make even more sense when awesome print is there to be showcased. Plus, it means you get to wear your sandals through the chilly, final stages of summer when most other people turn to closed shoes.

As an admirer of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (I say this with not even an inch of sarcasm; the woman has an enormous intellect, is actively and industriously creative, is Queen and has great, sometimes weird style to boot), I'm happy to report that Her Majesty has the skirt version of my dress in her wardrobe. I'm currently working on a separate piece on her style for the blog. I don't think there can ever be enough pictures out there of old people with slamming style who embrace natural aging. That's also why I make sure to visit Ari's blog Advanced Style on a daily basis. I mean:

Set me free.

dress: thrifted Burberrys / wool cardigan: thrifted Mads Nørgaard
/ socks: Happy Socks / sandals: Margaret Howell

Aug 23, 2012

it was bound to happen..

I knew it the moment I laid my eyes on the polka dot trousers at a flea market last spring: at some point I would have to wear them with my polka dot Comme des Garcons x H&M top. I don't care if anyone calls them a "trend;" dots are eternal. Or as Marc Jacobsaccording to the Internet, once said: "I don't think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot." TRUTH. Now I'm not gonna go off on a tangent about how inspired I am by Yayoi Kusama in wearing polka dots from my shoulders all the way down to my ankles, but obviously all these polka dots do remind me of her artistic language of which polka dots are fundamental building blocks. Lady's got a thing for them spots, and, thus, I will show you one striking photo of her anyway:

And then, just quickly, this haunting picture of and tribute to her by Jimmy McCullough:

But that will be all I say about polka dots, Marc Jacobs and Yayoi Kusama. If you want to look at her actual art work, google iz ur bff.

Then there are things on my feet I wish to talk about. My latest impulse buy: CLOGS. True to the nature of impulse buys, I never saw them coming, but you know how it goes: I was killing time before a meeting - I had ten minutes to spare to be exact - when suddenly I found myself in the shoe store next door checking out their late summer sales shelves. And before I knew it, I was rushing out of the store with these suckers dangling merrily in a plastic bag from my hand. I had to strike quickly because: a) meeting, and b) last pair in my size. As I paid for them, I was painfully conscious of the fact that I was probably going to have to live through the first world hassle of having to return them again. But then they grew on me so fast, I surprised myself by deciding to keep them. They look good with practically everything in my wardrobe and - fanfare - I can actually walk in them. Like proper walk. So yeah. They're from the Swedish company Moheda, and if you're gonna get clogs, the Swedes are your man.


Aug 15, 2012

who are you even?

shirt: Wrangler (2nd hand) / skirt+belt: 2nd hand / socks: Happy Socks / sneaks: Nike

Summer's slowly beginning to wane and I'm already starting to get panicky at the thought of all the great clothes I'll soon be throwing in a box for hibernation. Although inevitable, I guess I'm still not completely at peace with the impending prospect of having to crawl back into my big, black winter coat. All the same, I graciously allowed this skirt to jump the long queue of clothes I hope to squeeze one last wear out of before the onslaught of autumn and donned it a staggering two days in a row. But only because its iridescent colours are magnificent. This time around I took the skirt to a street party in a neighbouring part of town, pairing it messily with my extreme-collared, denim Wrangler shirt and my electric blue trainers to assemble a confusing vision of Midwest meets mumsy come funky lady. I then tied a snakeskin belt round it for good luck. Finally, print fiend that I am, I also couldn't resist adding just a little bit of print play. These leo Happy Socks are some of the most cherished members of my sock family. You'd see why.

Aug 13, 2012

once more with colour

I thrifted this skirt for 3€ last week, and I think it deserves a prize for making me wear the grand total of two items for the first time this year: my thrifted, salmon red blazer from H&M and my blue (okay, turquoise) suede shoes from ASOS. The sunglasses are also from ASOS and the black silk shirt is from COS. I can't remember who made the black socks, but let it be known that they are long and have a fabulously lumpy effect on the legs. Intentionally lumpy legs aside, I was guided by colour and proportion more than anything else when I assembled this outfit. The short jacket works great with the long, high waisted skirt, whilst the red really makes the rest of the colours pop. My eyes feast when I look at it.

In retrospect, I think I might have been subconsciously inspired by this piece of art by Karl Åge Riget entitled "Red Casino 69" (1972) which I thrifted last week for just a fraction of its estimated value (muahahaha!). The checks, the beads and the green and the red are at least all represented.

I'm finally starting to "get" jewelry. This outfit just wouldn't have been the same without the beaded necklace from the thrift shop.

I recently came across Laura's blog and immediately noticed her donning the bracelet version of the necklace, so I'm guessing it's not all that unique. (Above picture has been snagged from her blog.)

Hello! I just happen to be hanging out in a forest clearing. It was really too warm to wear a jacket that day. I suffered long and fought bravely, but had to give up in the end and put the jacket away. Let this picture stand forevermore as a potent reminder of just how big a difference one small jacket can make.

Aug 11, 2012


Here's what I wore to the Thurston Moore gig the other night: a bunch of closet favorites thrown together for a Gran-gone-western-goes-to-the-candy-store look. I wish I could say this eclectic ensemble was meant to symbolise Moore's vast and varied back catalogue of material, but I'm afraid the story behind the outfit isn't even half as meaningful. The pathetic truth of the matter is that my clothing rack collapsed twice on Sunday, and I couldn't be bothered to fix it again the second time. On Monday night, most of my tops and dresses were thus still lying in a big, messy, impenetrable pile on the floor, and I couldn't really get to any of it, save for the stuff on top (i.e. the shirt, I'm wearing).

Anyway, IKEA saved my style. My dressing ritual is once more founded on the principles of anal organisation.

The tights don't really come to their right in the outfit pictures. What I'm wearing is actually two pairs of tights layered on top of each other: a pair of loose knit white fishnets on top of a tight knit navy pair. They came in a two-pack.

shirt: Holly Fulton for ASOS / skirt: thrifted Designers Remix / cardigan: thrifted Henri Lloyd
/ tights: House of Holland for Pretty Polly / loafers: Miu Miu

Aug 10, 2012

"Anyone remember the seventies? No...? Are you saying I'm the oldest person in the room?"

Monday night in Copenhagen, the difficult choice looming over the heads of all lovers of alternative guitar music was forked between an audience with cacophonous guitar rock royalty Mr. Thurston Moore and the resurrection from the grave of dreamy, opiate induced, stoner-/country-/pop-rockers Mazzy Star. After much deliberation, we opted for the former and went to see Moore in concert with his new band Chelsey Light Moving. No regrets. It was the safe bet.

When Thurston and the band had entered the stage and picked up their instruments, some guy, possibly wishing to demonstrate his familiarity with Thurston's other day job, bellowed out SUGAR KANE! to which Thurston swiftly replied I'm sorry, we don't take requests tonight. The audience laughed, and serving up a potent mix of acoustic and plugged in tunes interspersed with anecdotes, jokes and even a quick Q&A with the audience when he broke two strings in the middle of a guitar climax and had to fill in the time waiting for the crew to fix it, the man proceeded to demonstrate that he's done more than enough music outside of Sonic Youth to fill up a one-and-a-half-hour long time slot and keep it interesting. We, at least, had a ball.

Set list:


Extra extra:

Aug 8, 2012

to hell and back

If my feelings are strong enough, I don't constrict myself to wearing them only on my sleeves. Thus, this is what I chose to wear to IKEA today. Obviously, not my favorite place in the universe. Still, because the company manages to collect truckloads of miscellaneous bits and bobs in just one space, we seem to make our way there anyway every couple of years or so.

Today is also the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week. I'm flying monkey class, meaning I'll be following all the hoo-ha on the interwebs as well as on my trusty old telly. This year, I'm especially excited by Peter Jensen's decision to move his show back to the motherland. Let's see what he decides to make of it.

sleeveless silk top: thrifted Sand / leggings: Stine Goya / jacket: 2nd hand
/ shades: Eley Kishimoto for Linda Farrow / bag: 2nd hand / shoes: Puma


Aug 5, 2012

that's what it is

dress: Monki (2nd hand) / wool jacket: 2nd hand / tights: House of Holland for Pretty Polly
/ bag: Urban Outfitters / loafers: Miu Miu

After channeling teen spirit on Friday, I felt like playing with prints in a more grown up way on Saturday, mixing only two prints and toning it down by adding a ladylike, purple wool jacket and nude loafers. I told my boyfriend: "This is my sexy secretary look." He quickly replied: "Oh, that's what that is!"

Aug 4, 2012

cyberpunk jellyfish fantasy

I don't think I've ever worn my Emma Cook jellyfish t-shirt without mixing it with other prints. It's certainly not the first time I've layered it over my battered old leopard dress. If it wasn't for this magical, underwater tee, the dress would no doubt have been tossed in a bag bound for the charity shops ages ago. But I like this pair, and so it stays.

t-shirt: Emma Cook / dress: Just Female / socks: Happy Socks / sunglasses: Eley Kishimoto for Linda Farrow
/ bag: 2nd hand / sandals: Margaret Howell

Aug 2, 2012

can't stand the heat, but staying in the kitchen

When the city turns into a frying pan, you either stop layering or you die. Well, that was last week at least. Warm weather came and then left again so quickly, I didn't have the time to post these photos while it was still here. But we have experienced enough warm weather this year for me to be able to state with certainty that when hot town, summer in the city strikes, my thrifted, silk Jaeger blouse immediately ascends to the most exalted position in my wardrobe. Likewise, my candy stripe cotton skirt from Danish design house Designers Remix never fails to step up to the plate. That's thrifted too, by the way. That and the bag. The sandals are still Margaret Howell; the sunglasses Marc Jacobs. Now excuse me while I go melt.

What? Humans can do that, can't they?

 If you're wondering what it is I'm standing so awkwardly in front of, it's a rendition of the Danish Crown Princess Mary. She's from Tasmania. That's Australia.

Land of the one of the most awesome strands of the English vocabularies.

Jul 30, 2012

we'll get there fast

shirt+trousers+belt 2ND HAND jacket H&M sunnies ASOS bag URBAN OUTFITTERS shoes CONVERSE

The weather's reverted back to its usual unpredictability, leaving me free to pile on the layers and attempt to make something that looks wrong happen anyway. It helps a little, of course, that I've applied the ancient old trick of standing in front of a green door so that at least something, anything, in the picture appears to match my shirt. Still, in spite of the accommodating setting, I cannot shake the distinct Florida pensioner vibe I'm picking up from this look; no doubt thanks to the combination of floral shirt, white (albeit sci-fi style) sports jacket and white sneaks. And though the shirt's floral print may be a little hard to distinguish in the picture, let me just add that it's actually pretty awesome in its very own, unique, kind-of-ugly way. It sort of makes me feel like I could blend right in with the Beach Boys.

Oh happy thought. This is the song I'd command them to sing to me.

Jul 28, 2012

socks n loafers

To me, holidays mean I get to indulge in any sartorial fantasy I feel like every single day. Yesterday, that meant clashing two of my favorite garments this summer: my sleeveless, button up shirt with blue roses and a candy stripe Designers Remix skirt (both thrifted). Who would've thought they'd make such a cute, sociable couple? My sturdy, old Adidas tote bag from Berlin certainly did't feel like a third wheel.

I've been looking for an excuse to air my British flag socks from Topshop ever since I got them (which was after the Queen's Diamond Jubilee), so, naturally, I jumped at the chance offered by the Olympic Games in London and took them on their virgin journey on the day of the opening ceremony (WHAT A FREAKING GREAT SHOW!). Never mind the boiling heat when you're on a hell-bent mission to wear a pair of quirky socks. I paired the celebratory socks with my Miu Miu loafers from So Last Season, because I love socks in loafers. The loafers, however, are proving to be murder to break in; I've had them for good while now, and they still butcher my feet every time I wear them. Since the fear of pain has severely limited my use of them so far, I might just have to pledge to wear them twice a week until I've worn them in properly. I did, after all, buy them with the intention of rocking the shit out of them.

Jul 24, 2012


dress+shirt+bag 2ND HAND sunnies ASOS belt FRENCH CONNECTION sandals MARGARET HOWELL

It was disgustingly hot today. Hence, the short, sleeveless dress. I did also layer an embroidered lace shirt underneath it, though. To cover up. Because I'm a prude.

If you're wondering at the nightmarish foot fetishist vision behind me, Copenhagen's in the process of having its metro system expanded upon, which means a lot of construction spaces scatter the city like open wounds. The sites are surrounded by protective walls, which are used as art spaces. I live close to this site.

Carefully standing in front of the future or some gateway into another dimension. C.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y.

Jul 20, 2012

Dagon's Wife

ballerinas SOFIE SCHNOOR

These ballerinas are my latest charity shop find. Although they're a bit more girly than what I'd usually go for, I couldn't resist their scaly texture and sea green colour, which immediately set my brain off imagining all kinds of possible and impossible deep sea creatures. Although it's a general rule of mine that things that make me think of fantastical creatures are special, it was, honestly, their 4€ price tag that, more than anything, helped my decision to get them. They are my first ever pair of ballerinas, and I still wonder if I'll ever wear them.