Jan 31, 2012


black linen shirt SAND (2ND HAND)

I'm almost tempted to say that you can never have too many black shirts, but I won't because that would be too excessive even for someone like me. So let's just say, I decided I have room for one more when I found this black linen shirt for 35 DKK in my local charity shop yesterday. I already have a black silk shirt and a lightly printed black cotton shirt, but none of those are linen, are they? I'm serious, though. The fabric of this shirt is altogether different from the others I've got and the colour more of a faded black -- you know, that wishy-washy colour so typical to linen. I'm considering cutting its sleeves off at some point, but for now, I'm content to wear it open, layered over something else.

Jan 30, 2012


I photo booth a lot these days. It's just so damn convenient, I can't help myself. So here's what I'm wearing today. The sun is out and I'm playing up seventies chic with my thrifted, way-too-small Isabel Marant Etoile vest and my slightly flared jeans from Acne (also thrifted). Paired with my tight wool Comme des Garcons for H&M jumper and my pointy Zara boots, I'm just about managing to stay alive.

This is how I'll be pounding the pavement when I leave the house in a minute.

Man, I love that song. And the video. That house, those Gibb brothers, that choreography. Ingenious.

Jan 29, 2012


The influence of Prada is evident on the (virtual) high street. The look on the left is 'new in' on ASOS and from their own brand, while the look on the right is SS12 Prada.

Pictures via ASOS & style.com

in which I pose eerily and talk about a high street designer collaboration that's made a definite mark on my wardrobe


Can you guess which one? The 2008 collaboration between H&M and COMME des GARCONS is the one high street designer collaboration from which I've got the most stuff hanging in my closet. I accidentally stumbled upon a great part of the collection marked down 70% during the 2009 January sales and was thus able to pick up the wool jumper I'm wearing here, as well as a long-sleeved polkadot t-shirt (worn HERE) and a black trench coat (worn HERE) for peanuts. Needless to say, I was a very happy customer. In retrospect, I wish I'd gotten more though. The quality and cut of especially the wool jumper and the trench coat really are exercises in subtle perfection. Even if I did have to sew all the buttons on the trench back on. For high street clothes, I think their being on the fourth year in my wardrobe is a pretty amazing accomplishment. What is more, I think the jumper and the trench will continue to inhabit my sartorial world as classics for years to comme, perhaps forever. So high five to CDS for bringing longevity to the H&M!

Jan 24, 2012


I've stumbled upon something that makes me look positively prepubescent again. No, not Photoshop -- Photo BOOTH with special effects! The point of this post, however, is not my newly discovered method for making yourself appear more youthful -- this discovery is just a happy accident, which occurred when I was following an altogether different purpose. I took the photo for another reason. You see, I wanted to get a picture of me in front of the newly framed poster, which hangs in all its distorted glory behind distorted little me: welcome to the wall Walton-Ford-exhibition-poster-in-the-most stunningly-clear-colours! I chose to Photo Booth on my lap, because I, since we had our old TV changed for a flatscreen, no longer have a place to put my camera to use the self-timer (hello tripod? or maybe a pile of books?). (ok, latter suggestion is terribly impractical.)

My feelings about the picture are identical to the Dude's sentiments about his rug: it really ties the room together. Let's hope no one pees on it then.

Jan 15, 2012



Behold my newly thrifted pleated skirt in action. Aside from its French madam vibes, I'm sure this garment really belonged to a little old lady with a penchant for mini poodles, curlers and lavender. To do this hunch justice, it only seemed natural and right to start off wearing the skirt by pairing it with my granny cardigan and bingo ball tights to complete the pensioner look. I also couldn't resist throwing in the t-shirt and chunky shoes to balance out the granny with a bit of grunge.

And if you don't think Only Fools and Horses is grunge, allow me to gracefully correct you with this short video clip featuring an acoustic Courtney Love:

Excuse the exceptionally bad quality. I'm sure you'll agree that it's warranted by the total epicness of the moment though.

Jan 14, 2012


Yes, as the title of this post indicates, my thrifting adventures continue, and I seem to be amassing clothes at alarming speed. Yesterday, I went out to pick up my bag from the mender and also had time to stop by a couple of charity shops on the way. Well, that little detour ended up yielding a couple of new garments I couldn't resist bringing home with me to play with. Say hello to my two new friends:

patterned midi skirt JAEGER (2ND HAND)

I paid DKK50 for this one and it's pure wool. I just couldn't resist the pattern. It's sort of hypnotising and looks like it came out of the seventies (double score). I'm slowly but surely building up a wardrobe of excellent prints to mix, match & clash!

jeans ACNE (2ND HAND)

I paid DKK120 for these. Too much, I know, but these suckers fit both in waist and length and I've been needing new grey jeans for a good while since I grew out of my old ones (ahem!). So-- welcome back into my life, grey jeans!

Jan 13, 2012


That's what caught my eye on the interwebs today. ASOS slippers, Vans plimsolls, Miu Miu cherry sandals and Alexander McQueen sunnies. Summer, I smell you!

Pictures: 1, 2 & 4 via ASOS; 3 via Net-A-Porter



Today I'm wearing a grey cardigan with black borders on top of a salt and pepper blouse with black borders. Looking at it, I don't think I could have made a more obvious match. I also see that my hand looks just a wee bit too posy in this picture, but unfortunately you're just gonna have to endure that to appreciate the black border on my sleeve.

Jan 10, 2012


pleated skirt 2ND HAND

Here it is. The first thing I thrifted in the new year. A classic, pleated, midi skirt in navy, all for the affordable price of DKK40. I think I'll start off by wearing it recklessly with a t-shirt to tone down its conservative, French madam vibes. I actually spotted the skirt last month, but couldn't decide if pleated skirts are for me and was feeling too lazy to try it on. I was happy to see it again today, though, and thus decided to strike. It seems a lot of things are content to wait for me these days. Mustn't get used to it.

Jan 8, 2012


I've been in a bit of a style rut for a seemingly long time, feeling like I need new stuff in the wardrobe to spur creativity and look stylish. Well, today I finally put that uninspired, consumer oriented part of me to shame. It appears I can make ensembles that feel fresh and look put-together if I just keep rotating garments on my body until I hit something groovy.

glitter cardigan AUGUST SILK (2ND HAND) silk shirt COS jeans ACNE (2ND HAND) gold buckle belt 2ND HAND

I'm loving the belt I thrifted just before Christmas more and more. It has the power to make outfits just a bit more interesting, and that's a power I know how to appreciate (i.e. wear frequently). I actually spotted the belt much longer ago in a local charity shop, but didn't get it because I thought the quality, golden buckle excluded, looked cheap. When the belt started haunting my waking dreams, however, I was forced to realise that the sound qualities of the buckle far outweighed any of its other weaknesses. I didn't exactly run down to get it, though, but when I finally stopped by the shop to look for it, it happened to be still there. It would seem that some things are granted in spite of laziness after all. And, thus, I haven't learnt a thing. Lucky, old me, eh? On a different note, but still very much on point with my yapping about having dressed myself to go grocery shopping, I'm also quite happy with having rolled up the cardigan and shirt sleeves together to repeat the black and show some wrist action (SQUEEEEE!).

boots ZARA

Finally, as I contort myself to show you, I wore my old, black Zara boots, which you -- if you're too bothered by the lousy Photo Booth quality of these pictures -- can get a much better squint at HERE (scroll to the bottom of the page if you don't feel like reading my old scribblings about wedding outfits and sales shopping).

Jan 5, 2012


My desktop looks like TUMBLR vomited on it. For ages, pictures have lain scattered left and right and on top of each other. Now, the mess has finally progressed to the stage where my desktop picture has been rendered completely indiscernible and I'm being forced to deal with the bloody mess. But while I've been busy sorting things out in the name of order, I've also been having fun rediscovering forgotten old pictures hidden in forgotten old folders. Such as this picture, which I'm now saving from having to endure a lifetime in obscurity:

cardigan PAUL BY PAUL SMITH brogues & socks ASOS

Do you hate me for making you want to poke your eyes out? Well, this is what it looks like when a unicorn pukes on you straight after TUMBLR has puked on your desktop. I call it 'The Discarded Look.' The two flower prints clash horribly, and yet the socks somehow make it all all right. The picture's from late spring/early summer last year. At the time, I was going through a severe wedding outfit crisis and was trying on clothes left and right. Evidently, this outfit was the result of a particularly desperate dressing up session. I mean, would you wear that to a wedding? Looking at it, however, I'm reminded that whenever I buy clothes these days, I try to also think of their longevity--like, would I wear this into my sixties and beyond? In this case, I am happy to conclude that I've done well with every single component on display. The garments certainly seem to add up to a convincing version of a Style Breeding Granny. But what's that? I also see my son running away in what would appear to be horror and disgust. I wonder, does this mean his children will be embarrassed by the appearance of their old gran?

Jan 4, 2012


I love sweaters and am happy to have recently added THIS cheery knit to my budding collection. If you care just minimally about retaining body heat, sweaters are an essential part of autumn and winter dressing. But sweaters even work great as spring jackets, while also keeping you warm on long summer nights. Sweaters are cool and sweaters are stylish. A must for any season, really! When I buy sweaters, I try to always go for 100% natural fibres. Cotton, cashmere or wool, please! If you can keep the moths away, they will look good forever.

Anyway, here are four sweater looks I liked enough to save on my desktop:

LOOK 1: The first look is from Isabel Slone, the young woman behind Hipster Musings. While her phoenix sweater is a wonder to behold in itself, what makes this particular look so amazing in my eyes is the way the colours of her entire ensemble come together. If I have one sartorial New Year's resolution this year, it's got to be creating more looks in which the combination of colours achieves this harmonious, almost musical quality. To me, that's dressing at its finest, and it's the only kind of dressing that makes my heart stop momentarily while I lose my breath.

LOOK 2: Speaking of the musical quality of harmonious colour combinations, I think Frida Gustavsson achieves just that with her faded blue boyfriend jeans, salmon mohair sweater and red, studded Valentino clutch. I also love that she has chosen to layer a grey t-shirt underneath her sweater instead of the more expected collared shirt. Of course, it helps that the bib necklace is the perfect collar replacement. Really, this ensemble is a prime example of a perfectly executed effortless-chic look. (And Gustavsson's braided hairdo is pretty awesome too.)

LOOK 3: In this picture, Christie Keshet shows us a great way to wear leggings as trousers: matched with an oversized sweater. The big sweater, the big collar and the big boots are perfectly balanced by legs in skinny riding pants. A simple, no-fuss outfit, perfect for an early autumn day in the city. (Picture snatched from Hanneli.)

LOOK 4: Finally, Katie Grand clashes her colourful and humorous knit with a leopard belt, which, by the way, is to die for. I don't know why exactly I find this look so alluring, since a part of me really doesn't like it. However, another part of me is truly excited by Katie's propensity to wear and combine unexpected and not necessarily directly beautiful garments. I like looks that take a little getting used to in order to be fully appreciated. They are like the olives of dressing.

Since no celebration is complete without music, here's a couple of my favorite sweater songs to finish things off. EnJOY!

Jan 2, 2012


It's January 2012 and we've come to it again; my monthly exercise of observing my second hand shopping. For the sum total of DKK360, here's what I got:

  • Multi colour Lecomte sweater 150DKK (see here): I love it. There's nothing more to say really.
  • Yellow Proenza Schouler for Target jacket 130DKK (see here): Hallelujah.
  • Checked jacket branded Sabrina 65DKK (see here): Quirky, just like me.
  • Sea green belt with golden buckle 15DKK (see here): Seriously chuffed about that buckle.

To sum it all up, I think I've been really good this month. I've been more restrained and have only gotten garments that are super special. I don't think I've thrifted anything subpar. Clever old me.

Picture via: Closet Visit