Jan 5, 2012


My desktop looks like TUMBLR vomited on it. For ages, pictures have lain scattered left and right and on top of each other. Now, the mess has finally progressed to the stage where my desktop picture has been rendered completely indiscernible and I'm being forced to deal with the bloody mess. But while I've been busy sorting things out in the name of order, I've also been having fun rediscovering forgotten old pictures hidden in forgotten old folders. Such as this picture, which I'm now saving from having to endure a lifetime in obscurity:

cardigan PAUL BY PAUL SMITH brogues & socks ASOS

Do you hate me for making you want to poke your eyes out? Well, this is what it looks like when a unicorn pukes on you straight after TUMBLR has puked on your desktop. I call it 'The Discarded Look.' The two flower prints clash horribly, and yet the socks somehow make it all all right. The picture's from late spring/early summer last year. At the time, I was going through a severe wedding outfit crisis and was trying on clothes left and right. Evidently, this outfit was the result of a particularly desperate dressing up session. I mean, would you wear that to a wedding? Looking at it, however, I'm reminded that whenever I buy clothes these days, I try to also think of their longevity--like, would I wear this into my sixties and beyond? In this case, I am happy to conclude that I've done well with every single component on display. The garments certainly seem to add up to a convincing version of a Style Breeding Granny. But what's that? I also see my son running away in what would appear to be horror and disgust. I wonder, does this mean his children will be embarrassed by the appearance of their old gran?

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