Jan 8, 2012


I've been in a bit of a style rut for a seemingly long time, feeling like I need new stuff in the wardrobe to spur creativity and look stylish. Well, today I finally put that uninspired, consumer oriented part of me to shame. It appears I can make ensembles that feel fresh and look put-together if I just keep rotating garments on my body until I hit something groovy.

glitter cardigan AUGUST SILK (2ND HAND) silk shirt COS jeans ACNE (2ND HAND) gold buckle belt 2ND HAND

I'm loving the belt I thrifted just before Christmas more and more. It has the power to make outfits just a bit more interesting, and that's a power I know how to appreciate (i.e. wear frequently). I actually spotted the belt much longer ago in a local charity shop, but didn't get it because I thought the quality, golden buckle excluded, looked cheap. When the belt started haunting my waking dreams, however, I was forced to realise that the sound qualities of the buckle far outweighed any of its other weaknesses. I didn't exactly run down to get it, though, but when I finally stopped by the shop to look for it, it happened to be still there. It would seem that some things are granted in spite of laziness after all. And, thus, I haven't learnt a thing. Lucky, old me, eh? On a different note, but still very much on point with my yapping about having dressed myself to go grocery shopping, I'm also quite happy with having rolled up the cardigan and shirt sleeves together to repeat the black and show some wrist action (SQUEEEEE!).

boots ZARA

Finally, as I contort myself to show you, I wore my old, black Zara boots, which you -- if you're too bothered by the lousy Photo Booth quality of these pictures -- can get a much better squint at HERE (scroll to the bottom of the page if you don't feel like reading my old scribblings about wedding outfits and sales shopping).

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