Jan 24, 2012


I've stumbled upon something that makes me look positively prepubescent again. No, not Photoshop -- Photo BOOTH with special effects! The point of this post, however, is not my newly discovered method for making yourself appear more youthful -- this discovery is just a happy accident, which occurred when I was following an altogether different purpose. I took the photo for another reason. You see, I wanted to get a picture of me in front of the newly framed poster, which hangs in all its distorted glory behind distorted little me: welcome to the wall Walton-Ford-exhibition-poster-in-the-most stunningly-clear-colours! I chose to Photo Booth on my lap, because I, since we had our old TV changed for a flatscreen, no longer have a place to put my camera to use the self-timer (hello tripod? or maybe a pile of books?). (ok, latter suggestion is terribly impractical.)

My feelings about the picture are identical to the Dude's sentiments about his rug: it really ties the room together. Let's hope no one pees on it then.

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