Jan 4, 2012


I love sweaters and am happy to have recently added THIS cheery knit to my budding collection. If you care just minimally about retaining body heat, sweaters are an essential part of autumn and winter dressing. But sweaters even work great as spring jackets, while also keeping you warm on long summer nights. Sweaters are cool and sweaters are stylish. A must for any season, really! When I buy sweaters, I try to always go for 100% natural fibres. Cotton, cashmere or wool, please! If you can keep the moths away, they will look good forever.

Anyway, here are four sweater looks I liked enough to save on my desktop:

LOOK 1: The first look is from Isabel Slone, the young woman behind Hipster Musings. While her phoenix sweater is a wonder to behold in itself, what makes this particular look so amazing in my eyes is the way the colours of her entire ensemble come together. If I have one sartorial New Year's resolution this year, it's got to be creating more looks in which the combination of colours achieves this harmonious, almost musical quality. To me, that's dressing at its finest, and it's the only kind of dressing that makes my heart stop momentarily while I lose my breath.

LOOK 2: Speaking of the musical quality of harmonious colour combinations, I think Frida Gustavsson achieves just that with her faded blue boyfriend jeans, salmon mohair sweater and red, studded Valentino clutch. I also love that she has chosen to layer a grey t-shirt underneath her sweater instead of the more expected collared shirt. Of course, it helps that the bib necklace is the perfect collar replacement. Really, this ensemble is a prime example of a perfectly executed effortless-chic look. (And Gustavsson's braided hairdo is pretty awesome too.)

LOOK 3: In this picture, Christie Keshet shows us a great way to wear leggings as trousers: matched with an oversized sweater. The big sweater, the big collar and the big boots are perfectly balanced by legs in skinny riding pants. A simple, no-fuss outfit, perfect for an early autumn day in the city. (Picture snatched from Hanneli.)

LOOK 4: Finally, Katie Grand clashes her colourful and humorous knit with a leopard belt, which, by the way, is to die for. I don't know why exactly I find this look so alluring, since a part of me really doesn't like it. However, another part of me is truly excited by Katie's propensity to wear and combine unexpected and not necessarily directly beautiful garments. I like looks that take a little getting used to in order to be fully appreciated. They are like the olives of dressing.

Since no celebration is complete without music, here's a couple of my favorite sweater songs to finish things off. EnJOY!

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