Jan 14, 2012


Yes, as the title of this post indicates, my thrifting adventures continue, and I seem to be amassing clothes at alarming speed. Yesterday, I went out to pick up my bag from the mender and also had time to stop by a couple of charity shops on the way. Well, that little detour ended up yielding a couple of new garments I couldn't resist bringing home with me to play with. Say hello to my two new friends:

patterned midi skirt JAEGER (2ND HAND)

I paid DKK50 for this one and it's pure wool. I just couldn't resist the pattern. It's sort of hypnotising and looks like it came out of the seventies (double score). I'm slowly but surely building up a wardrobe of excellent prints to mix, match & clash!

jeans ACNE (2ND HAND)

I paid DKK120 for these. Too much, I know, but these suckers fit both in waist and length and I've been needing new grey jeans for a good while since I grew out of my old ones (ahem!). So-- welcome back into my life, grey jeans!

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.sabo skirt. said...

Cute skirt and jeans!

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