Feb 29, 2012


A two week dry spell in the middle of the month led me to believe that February was going to be a quiet thrifting month -- but then things went haywire. Isn't it always like that? Here's the monthly breakdown:

  • Brown leather saddle bag, 50 DKK: Because I'm still busy cladding myself in my heavy black winter coat from Acne, I haven't had the opportunity to use any of my smaller bags in 2012 yet. A huge coat demands a bag of comparable dimensions, at least in my world (see the bag HERE).
  • Bright checked cotton shirt from H&M Divided, 50 DKK: I was a little bit unsure of its size, but boy am I happy I struck anyway. I already got a ton of use out of it. It's just so loose, comfy and cool (see previous link).
  • Brown corduroy dress from Whyred, 65 DKK: I already wore it three times and got lots of compliments for it. Enough said (see previous link).
  • Black velvet blouse, 35 DKK: It's hanging on the drying rack as I'm writing this, so I still haven't had the opportunity to try it on for size with the other garments in my wardrobe, though I'm sure a goth top will come in handy in the future (see HERE).
  • Hawaiian blouse with padded shoulders, 30 DKK: Bad taste gone great (see previous link).
  • Tailor made white silk shirt, 50 DKK: I'm freaking out, it's so chic (see previous link).
  • Vintage Lee Gossip denim jacket with tribal details, 60 DKK: It's too big, but I feel so wonderful in it, I really couldn't give a flying fuck (see HERE).

Well, well, well. That list was about twice as long as usual, wasn't it? And I'm not even done yet -- two other things managed to sneak into my wardrobe last week too. Both make me unsure, however. Have I lost the plot?

Checked wool hat 30 DKK

Large striped cotton scarf 15 DKK

That's nine things this month, but who's counting? NINE THINGS. With a sum total of 385 DKK, the damage is not. too. bad. though. I'm spending so relatively little that part of me doesn't even mind the odd mistake or two. When I think about it, I've actually been unsure of quite a few garments I've thrifted and, with time, some of these garments have even managed to become wardrobe favorites. So if it's cheap and I'm a bit unsure, the odds tell me that I probably should be taking a chance on it. The trouble is telling the difference between when I buy something blah compulsively and when I buy something because I am in genuine doubt about its greatness. While I seek to avoid the former, I really don't mind mistakes deriving from the latter. Doubting whether something is great or not implies at least the possibility of greatness, whereas buying something blah only ever achieves sartorial mediocrity (the horror).

Feb 28, 2012


One of the other things I found in a charity shop last week was this Lee Gossip jacket. Judging by its wide, chunky shape and the tribal pattern, I date it approximately to the beginning of the nineties. I haven't been able to successfully google any information about Lee's Gossip line though. I had to plonk down 60 DKK for it. I know, I know, I've been ready for spring since November, but this jacket makes it definitive.


The background is a mess, but my new, thrifted, white shirt sure as hell isn't.

Feb 25, 2012


I've been in and out of my two local thrift stores for a couple of weeks with nothing to take home. This week, however, the tables finally turned, and I managed to take home quite a bit. Let's take a look at the tops first.

Black velvet blouse 35DKK: Half Chinese, half goth, half glamour queen!

I've waved my wizard wand and made a picture of the blouse lighter so it's possible to see how it's got three velvety buttons running diagonally from the neck down to the arm pit.

Hawaiian print blouse with padded shoulders 30DKK: I totally see this becoming a signature garment in my wardrobe, destined for continual repeat appearances on the upper part of my body. I mean, look:

I think the print speaks for itself. And while mustard usually drains all colour out of my face, that doesn't seem to apply when the colour's applied sporadically on a cream blouse. Cool breeze!

 White, tailor made uniform shirt 50DKK: Finally, this shirt may not look like much just hanging there, but it's really the scoop of the week, perhaps even the scoop of the month! The shirt fits perfectly on the shoulders and its breast pockets are amazing. Judging by the label in its neck, the shirt appears to have been tailor made in Singapore.

In conclusion I want to say that I wasn't sure of any of these three tops when I saw them hanging in the shops. However, once I tried them on, I discovered that each one of them had the perfect fit and cut for me. So if there's to be drawn any moral conclusion from this, it's got to be that trying garments you suspect might look ugly or wrong on you is of utmost importance. You might pass up on something fabulous if you don't -- a thought to be gasped at indeed!


These Lulu & Co Maarten Van Der Horst silk pyjama trousers are haunting my waking dreams. Why (oh why?!) must they cost an arm and a leg? A couple of months ago, I went to a flea market where I happened upon a pair of loose black high-waisted trousers with the perfect flower print. However, since the trousers were a couple of sizes too big on me, I left them hanging. The problem is I bitterly regret that now. I COULD HAVE HAD THEM TAKEN IN! I'm yelling that at myself, not you. Now excuse me while I go whimper somewhere in private.

Picture via: ASOS

Feb 20, 2012


Oh hai fantastic sandals! I was really planning to wait until next year to get a pair of perfect sandals. I was really planning to focus on finding the perfect pair of brown boots. I even got so far as to decide that I was probably looking for a brown Chelsea boot. That, however, was only until I noticed what was on the models' feet in the show for Margaret Howell's Spring / Summer 2012 collection. Now the brown boots can wait. I've got plenty of great black boots and flats to fulfill their function anyway. But more importantly, I've got NO SANDALS in my wardrobe. None, I tell you.

While these sandals from Margaret Howell are very classic, my chief reason for finding them so alluring is the placement of their buckled straps. As you can see, the straps have been placed slightly forward on the foot, which gives the sandals a slight off-beat twist that speaks directly to the music in my heart. Of course, it doesn't hurt either that they're made from glossed patent leather. The combination of 'glossy' and 'shoes' is always a good one in my book. So there you have it; the reason behind my new mission to fill the sandal gap in my wardrobe once and for all this summer with the black beauties from Margaret Howell.

Feb 18, 2012


“I always name London first when asked which city in the world has the best style. There's something so inherently rebellious about how people naturally style themselves. Brits aren't afraid to experiment or take risks with how they look, perhaps that's why London has always been home to the most dynamic and daring designers in the world."

Feb 17, 2012

so I turned to the garden of love / that so many sweet flowers bore

I've felt it in my gut all week like a rabble of fluttering butterflies struggling desperately to find their way out: today London Fashion Week is here. LFW is probably the fashion week I look forward to the most. To me, no city quite measures up to London's wild, anarchic ride of bold prints & colours. One LFW show I look especially forward to checking out is AshishIn little more than a decade, Delhi-born, Central Saint Martins graduate Ashish Gupta has managed to carve out one of the most easily identifiable brands in the industry, sequins being the ever recurring element with which he playfully explores his themes. Although there's been a few misses along the road (SS12's gimmicky and very literal interpretation of cowboys and Indians), I'm still able to find at least a few pieces in those collections that make me clasp my hands together and tilt my head in silent adoration. Most of the time, however, Gupta gets it right to the point of punching out all of the air in my stomach. His use of sequins is often stunning; his choice of colours likewise. But it's the way in which he juxtaposes the glamour of sequins with more sloppy garments such as baggy mom jeans, sweatshirts & sweatpants that makes me flat out love this dude unconditionally. So whilst I wait in patience for Ashish's AW12 collection inspired by "New Age, rainbows and Goa," linger with me for a brief moment in the flower garden Gupta conjured up with his SS12 collection.

Doesn't this just make you die a little inside? Putting flowers in your mili-boots is the authorised 21st century version of the good old fashioned hippie practice of sticking flowers down the barrels of guns. The Ministry of Defence will still get the picture. Also, it's one of the easiest DIY's ever. Striking flower-in-ma-boots gimmick aside, the clothes and styling of these two looks are immaculate. Except for the hats, I want every single piece here. Plus, I want what Ashish is having.

I continue to die and on my death bed I ask for a pair of baggy mom jeans scattered with sequined flowers.

Breaking out the sunflowers, Ashish then decides to go all Van Gogh on our sorry arses.

But sunflowers on stripes work for me too.

Skimpy looks, layered looks; I like them all, really. But I especially like that sequined sky blue jacket to the right. And the shorts. Both of them.

Finally, with these baggy mom jeans fit for Poppy Day, Ashish shows us that he understands our need for specific clothing for specific occasion, and he meets that need with a generous sprinkling of sequins. But that's the King of Sequins for you; he lives to serve.

Pictures via: Dossier Journal and elle.com

Feb 11, 2012


Today I wore an old pastel yellow broderie anglaise dress as a skirt and decided it was probably best to team it with a thrifted pastel pink polyester blouse. Sometimes electric skin and extra sweaty pits are just worth it. Listening to the Sandra Dee whispering inside of me, I also broke out my pink Paul by Paul Smith cardigan and have been walking around all day feeling like Sandy when she hooked up with the Pink Ladies.


If you're not sure which glasses suit the shape of your face, don't despair. Glasses aren't the only accessory that'll make you look smarter; books will do that too! As opposed to the chicken-and-egg conundrum, it's even possible to determine which of these two smart-ifying accessories came first. Frequent reading has long been known to increase your chances of developing myopia. Thus, we may safely assume that books came before eye glasses, see? But books are so much more than mere winners of who-came-first conundrums; they're also square and papery points of entry to exciting parallel universes. So who cares if you lose the power to see clearly in order to get there? After all, it's all about the journey, right? And if you're lucky, your nose might compensate by developing a keener sense of smell!

 I love my book collection better than my weak eyes. I also love my glasses better than my weak eyes. Now that I come to think of it, my weak eyes don't get a whole lot of love, although they might actually be the ones in most urgent need of it. Eyes also win the who-came-first conundrum; they definitely came before both books and glasses. Employing my eyes, I sometimes wear glasses and read books simultaneously. Especially if I'm not wearing contacts.

Mumbo jumbo aside, I used to buy books compulsively on PLAY all the time, but then slowed down a bit when I realised that I had a habit of getting a whole lot more than I read. After all, books have been known to hang out on my shelves for ten years plus, before I get around to picking them up and actually reading them. This week I did manage to get my grubby little hands on four new ones though. We're talking a '2 for €10.98' deal here. But which ones did I get and why?

Everything about that first Agatha Christie cover is epic: the black typography, the yellow background, not to mention the deal breaker--the nifty "Crime Club Choice" slogan. Of course, I also just generally love Agatha. She's my favorite go-to writer when I lack the hunger and curiosity for getting acquainted with new stuff. Reading her is like coming home or at least returning to a place that never changes. Whenever I finish one of her books, I always find myself wishing I had another one to get immediately stuck into. Getting two should cover that problem. At least once, anyway.

I was happy to find that the latest installment of Bill Willingham's comic book series Fables was also a part of the deal. A plot revolving around a bunch of fairy tale characters living in exile in a contemporary New York ghetto may sound silly, cliché and romantic to the point of being vomit inducing to you, but it isn't really! It's actually great story telling that employs such winning elements as character development and depth, not to mention power struggles, loss and destruction in more than ample doses. Oh, and love too. Also between humans and animals. There's a plethora of well thought out links between different more or less known fairy tales and characters. For example, Prince Charming is the Prince Charming of all fairy tales and consequently a cunning, sweet talking player of a man who's been married to and divorced from both Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Fables have been running since 2002, but major changes have been happening in Fabletown recently, and I can't wait to see what all this super hero talk is about!

Finally, I love to read about the lives of clever, talented people, and Virginia Woolf fits that bill to a tee. That's all.

Feb 9, 2012


I went to Paris for the weekend with a few girlfriends and I loved it. But how can you not love Paris? Since it was our first time there, we wanted to balance shopping with other cultural activities and thus only spent some of our time browsing shops. In the high street store André in Le Marais, I did manage to find one thing to take home with me though: a pair of maroon brogues from Creeks. Apart from their being studded, the leather they're made from looks very saturated. I started tap dancing the moment they were on my feet. That's how I knew I had to get them. Je suis très heureuse!

Feb 6, 2012


silk blouse EMMA COOK

I've been keeping an eye on this silk blouse for a lot of months now and what's happening is that the utter awesomeness that is expressed through that jungle vine print is growing on me like weed. The blouse didn't make the sales this time around, but if we decide collectively to refrain from buying it for the next couple of months, perhaps it will make it to the mid season sale..? After my luck with the Church's brogues, however, I dare not hope. (Although I did find a great replacement in Paris this weekend.) (Wait for it.)

Anyways, I'd love to pair the blouse with these tassel print Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Lee riding shorts:

Totally obvious and obviously fabulous. Wouldn't it be loverly?

Pictures via Net-a-Porter & ASOS

Feb 3, 2012


Yesterday, I came home with quite the haul after having stopped by the two charity shops nearest to where I live.

Brown saddle bag, 50 DKK: Smooth leather, cute buckle details and the perfect worn look -- this is simply a great leather bag. In my eyes, it's the quintessential second hand bag; a classic style which everyone can unearth with just a little persistence. I started thrifting consistently last winter, so it's taken me a little over a year to find it. Also, it's well to remember that I haven't done anything but check my two local charity shops a couple of times a week.

Checked cotton shirt from H&M Divided, 50 DKK: I've already dubbed this one my raver shirt. Not that I've taken any time out to go raving for a long while (years, darling). Still, I'm a peacock who likes to wear striking things, and this shirt will be great for technicolour layering.

Also, aren't those pink buttons just the proverbial cherry on top? That's the kind of attention to detail I can appreciate. The only downside to this shirt is that it's a little too big in the shoulders for me. After spending minutes casting long glances at myself from every angle in the changing room mirror, however, I decided the big shoulders don't matter as long as I keep the shirt buttoned down. If I change my mind, I might try to cut its sleeves off to solve the problem.

Corduroy dress from Whyred, 65 DKK: This frock is extremely baggy. Baggy to the point of being equivalent to wearing an actual bag over your shoulders. Perhaps to knock some shape into the excess fabric, the dress is made from really stiff corduroy. I feel French in an understated chic way in this one. Like the pretty, modest girl in the corner that no one notices in the beginning. Oui-oui!

Feb 1, 2012


Although I thrifted four pieces of clothing in January, I still don't feel like I thrifted a whole lot of stuff. I think I know why that is though: it's because I don't have any wrong purchases to feel bad about. I always kick myself whenever I get something down the thrift store that I know I shouldn't be getting, but then against all sense decide to get it anyway just because I have an urge to shop. Some people kick themselves for eating too much crappy food; I kick myself for thrifting a few crappy pieces of clothes. That compulsive side to me is also the demon I seek to drive out with these consciousness enhancing, monthly self-evaluative posts about charity shopping. And this month I was  successful. I managed to put each item I found questionable back on the racks. I also made one of the more rare great finds: the Jaeger skirt is the newest but also the best printed skirt in my wardrobe. That deserves an exclamation mark -- !

Here's the list:

    • Pleated navy skirt: 40 DKK. Not the perfect skirt, but I got it anyway because I wanted to experiment with pleats and it seemed like a small price to pay. Already used it once to play up to my granny tendencies (see HERE).
    • Patterned midi skirt from Jaeger: 50 DKK. The serious scoop. I already wore it to a Christening and felt absolutely fantastic (see HERE).
    • Grey Acne jeans: 120 DKK. They fit me perfectly. Thus, I can easily get over their relative priciness (see previous link).
    • Black linen shirt from Sand: 35 DKK. Great basic for peanuts (see HERE).

    With a sum total of 245 DKK, it appears I'm not spending that much to keep my style evolvement on the interesting path either.