Feb 3, 2012


Yesterday, I came home with quite the haul after having stopped by the two charity shops nearest to where I live.

Brown saddle bag, 50 DKK: Smooth leather, cute buckle details and the perfect worn look -- this is simply a great leather bag. In my eyes, it's the quintessential second hand bag; a classic style which everyone can unearth with just a little persistence. I started thrifting consistently last winter, so it's taken me a little over a year to find it. Also, it's well to remember that I haven't done anything but check my two local charity shops a couple of times a week.

Checked cotton shirt from H&M Divided, 50 DKK: I've already dubbed this one my raver shirt. Not that I've taken any time out to go raving for a long while (years, darling). Still, I'm a peacock who likes to wear striking things, and this shirt will be great for technicolour layering.

Also, aren't those pink buttons just the proverbial cherry on top? That's the kind of attention to detail I can appreciate. The only downside to this shirt is that it's a little too big in the shoulders for me. After spending minutes casting long glances at myself from every angle in the changing room mirror, however, I decided the big shoulders don't matter as long as I keep the shirt buttoned down. If I change my mind, I might try to cut its sleeves off to solve the problem.

Corduroy dress from Whyred, 65 DKK: This frock is extremely baggy. Baggy to the point of being equivalent to wearing an actual bag over your shoulders. Perhaps to knock some shape into the excess fabric, the dress is made from really stiff corduroy. I feel French in an understated chic way in this one. Like the pretty, modest girl in the corner that no one notices in the beginning. Oui-oui!

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