Feb 20, 2012


Oh hai fantastic sandals! I was really planning to wait until next year to get a pair of perfect sandals. I was really planning to focus on finding the perfect pair of brown boots. I even got so far as to decide that I was probably looking for a brown Chelsea boot. That, however, was only until I noticed what was on the models' feet in the show for Margaret Howell's Spring / Summer 2012 collection. Now the brown boots can wait. I've got plenty of great black boots and flats to fulfill their function anyway. But more importantly, I've got NO SANDALS in my wardrobe. None, I tell you.

While these sandals from Margaret Howell are very classic, my chief reason for finding them so alluring is the placement of their buckled straps. As you can see, the straps have been placed slightly forward on the foot, which gives the sandals a slight off-beat twist that speaks directly to the music in my heart. Of course, it doesn't hurt either that they're made from glossed patent leather. The combination of 'glossy' and 'shoes' is always a good one in my book. So there you have it; the reason behind my new mission to fill the sandal gap in my wardrobe once and for all this summer with the black beauties from Margaret Howell.

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