Feb 29, 2012


A two week dry spell in the middle of the month led me to believe that February was going to be a quiet thrifting month -- but then things went haywire. Isn't it always like that? Here's the monthly breakdown:

  • Brown leather saddle bag, 50 DKK: Because I'm still busy cladding myself in my heavy black winter coat from Acne, I haven't had the opportunity to use any of my smaller bags in 2012 yet. A huge coat demands a bag of comparable dimensions, at least in my world (see the bag HERE).
  • Bright checked cotton shirt from H&M Divided, 50 DKK: I was a little bit unsure of its size, but boy am I happy I struck anyway. I already got a ton of use out of it. It's just so loose, comfy and cool (see previous link).
  • Brown corduroy dress from Whyred, 65 DKK: I already wore it three times and got lots of compliments for it. Enough said (see previous link).
  • Black velvet blouse, 35 DKK: It's hanging on the drying rack as I'm writing this, so I still haven't had the opportunity to try it on for size with the other garments in my wardrobe, though I'm sure a goth top will come in handy in the future (see HERE).
  • Hawaiian blouse with padded shoulders, 30 DKK: Bad taste gone great (see previous link).
  • Tailor made white silk shirt, 50 DKK: I'm freaking out, it's so chic (see previous link).
  • Vintage Lee Gossip denim jacket with tribal details, 60 DKK: It's too big, but I feel so wonderful in it, I really couldn't give a flying fuck (see HERE).

Well, well, well. That list was about twice as long as usual, wasn't it? And I'm not even done yet -- two other things managed to sneak into my wardrobe last week too. Both make me unsure, however. Have I lost the plot?

Checked wool hat 30 DKK

Large striped cotton scarf 15 DKK

That's nine things this month, but who's counting? NINE THINGS. With a sum total of 385 DKK, the damage is not. too. bad. though. I'm spending so relatively little that part of me doesn't even mind the odd mistake or two. When I think about it, I've actually been unsure of quite a few garments I've thrifted and, with time, some of these garments have even managed to become wardrobe favorites. So if it's cheap and I'm a bit unsure, the odds tell me that I probably should be taking a chance on it. The trouble is telling the difference between when I buy something blah compulsively and when I buy something because I am in genuine doubt about its greatness. While I seek to avoid the former, I really don't mind mistakes deriving from the latter. Doubting whether something is great or not implies at least the possibility of greatness, whereas buying something blah only ever achieves sartorial mediocrity (the horror).


Thea vintage said...

Thrifting is the best thing!

d.h.e.r. said...

YES. Great styles for next to no money. Easy math! :D