Feb 1, 2012


Although I thrifted four pieces of clothing in January, I still don't feel like I thrifted a whole lot of stuff. I think I know why that is though: it's because I don't have any wrong purchases to feel bad about. I always kick myself whenever I get something down the thrift store that I know I shouldn't be getting, but then against all sense decide to get it anyway just because I have an urge to shop. Some people kick themselves for eating too much crappy food; I kick myself for thrifting a few crappy pieces of clothes. That compulsive side to me is also the demon I seek to drive out with these consciousness enhancing, monthly self-evaluative posts about charity shopping. And this month I was  successful. I managed to put each item I found questionable back on the racks. I also made one of the more rare great finds: the Jaeger skirt is the newest but also the best printed skirt in my wardrobe. That deserves an exclamation mark -- !

Here's the list:

    • Pleated navy skirt: 40 DKK. Not the perfect skirt, but I got it anyway because I wanted to experiment with pleats and it seemed like a small price to pay. Already used it once to play up to my granny tendencies (see HERE).
    • Patterned midi skirt from Jaeger: 50 DKK. The serious scoop. I already wore it to a Christening and felt absolutely fantastic (see HERE).
    • Grey Acne jeans: 120 DKK. They fit me perfectly. Thus, I can easily get over their relative priciness (see previous link).
    • Black linen shirt from Sand: 35 DKK. Great basic for peanuts (see HERE).

    With a sum total of 245 DKK, it appears I'm not spending that much to keep my style evolvement on the interesting path either.

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