Feb 25, 2012


I've been in and out of my two local thrift stores for a couple of weeks with nothing to take home. This week, however, the tables finally turned, and I managed to take home quite a bit. Let's take a look at the tops first.

Black velvet blouse 35DKK: Half Chinese, half goth, half glamour queen!

I've waved my wizard wand and made a picture of the blouse lighter so it's possible to see how it's got three velvety buttons running diagonally from the neck down to the arm pit.

Hawaiian print blouse with padded shoulders 30DKK: I totally see this becoming a signature garment in my wardrobe, destined for continual repeat appearances on the upper part of my body. I mean, look:

I think the print speaks for itself. And while mustard usually drains all colour out of my face, that doesn't seem to apply when the colour's applied sporadically on a cream blouse. Cool breeze!

 White, tailor made uniform shirt 50DKK: Finally, this shirt may not look like much just hanging there, but it's really the scoop of the week, perhaps even the scoop of the month! The shirt fits perfectly on the shoulders and its breast pockets are amazing. Judging by the label in its neck, the shirt appears to have been tailor made in Singapore.

In conclusion I want to say that I wasn't sure of any of these three tops when I saw them hanging in the shops. However, once I tried them on, I discovered that each one of them had the perfect fit and cut for me. So if there's to be drawn any moral conclusion from this, it's got to be that trying garments you suspect might look ugly or wrong on you is of utmost importance. You might pass up on something fabulous if you don't -- a thought to be gasped at indeed!

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