Feb 17, 2012

so I turned to the garden of love / that so many sweet flowers bore

I've felt it in my gut all week like a rabble of fluttering butterflies struggling desperately to find their way out: today London Fashion Week is here. LFW is probably the fashion week I look forward to the most. To me, no city quite measures up to London's wild, anarchic ride of bold prints & colours. One LFW show I look especially forward to checking out is AshishIn little more than a decade, Delhi-born, Central Saint Martins graduate Ashish Gupta has managed to carve out one of the most easily identifiable brands in the industry, sequins being the ever recurring element with which he playfully explores his themes. Although there's been a few misses along the road (SS12's gimmicky and very literal interpretation of cowboys and Indians), I'm still able to find at least a few pieces in those collections that make me clasp my hands together and tilt my head in silent adoration. Most of the time, however, Gupta gets it right to the point of punching out all of the air in my stomach. His use of sequins is often stunning; his choice of colours likewise. But it's the way in which he juxtaposes the glamour of sequins with more sloppy garments such as baggy mom jeans, sweatshirts & sweatpants that makes me flat out love this dude unconditionally. So whilst I wait in patience for Ashish's AW12 collection inspired by "New Age, rainbows and Goa," linger with me for a brief moment in the flower garden Gupta conjured up with his SS12 collection.

Doesn't this just make you die a little inside? Putting flowers in your mili-boots is the authorised 21st century version of the good old fashioned hippie practice of sticking flowers down the barrels of guns. The Ministry of Defence will still get the picture. Also, it's one of the easiest DIY's ever. Striking flower-in-ma-boots gimmick aside, the clothes and styling of these two looks are immaculate. Except for the hats, I want every single piece here. Plus, I want what Ashish is having.

I continue to die and on my death bed I ask for a pair of baggy mom jeans scattered with sequined flowers.

Breaking out the sunflowers, Ashish then decides to go all Van Gogh on our sorry arses.

But sunflowers on stripes work for me too.

Skimpy looks, layered looks; I like them all, really. But I especially like that sequined sky blue jacket to the right. And the shorts. Both of them.

Finally, with these baggy mom jeans fit for Poppy Day, Ashish shows us that he understands our need for specific clothing for specific occasion, and he meets that need with a generous sprinkling of sequins. But that's the King of Sequins for you; he lives to serve.

Pictures via: Dossier Journal and elle.com

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