Mar 21, 2012


I've been wanting to add a sleeveless white or cream silk blouse to my wardrobe for over a year now, and this month I finally managed to thrift one. It's a size bigger than my usual size, but that doesn't matter because there's no shoulders in the blouse. It's just a bit looser, which is a definite plus on a hot summer's day. Also, I love its lady on safari vibes. It makes me feel like Meryl Streep playing Karen Blixen in Out of Africa. Like a classy lady in the wild.

Mar 8, 2012



Last night, my 2012 shopping list spontaneously settled in my mind. It's very simple and crystal clear to me now:

1. Brogues (see HERE).
2. Sandals.
3. Black plimsolls.
4. Breton stripe blouse with 3/4 length sleeves.
5. Great necklace to wear over shirts and t-shirts. Perhaps the one above by Missoni?

1. Brown boots.
2. Printed trousers.
3. Printed sweater. For example, above Peter Jensen sweater.
4. Huge warm and luxurious scarf.
5. High-waisted black skinny jeans (Acne).

To clarify, these are all items I expect to buy from new. That doesn't mean that I'm adversed to finding any of said items in a charity shop though. Not in the least. On the contrary, I've done that several times before and salute those instances whilst grinning all the way to the bank. But anyway, as you can see, apart from a few basic cornerstone pieces, there's more shoes and accessories than anything else on the list. The reason for this is very simple: since I'm able to find great clothes in charity shops and have managed to build up a quite well-edited wardrobe by now, I think my investment pieces should focus on the stuff that will take my wardrobe the final few steps it needs to take in order to reach the beyond. Great shoes and accessories do that, in my opinion.

I also have a list of smaller but essential items that I'm always looking to expand on, IF the price and quality is right, of course. Those things are:

1. Socks.
2. Tights.
3. Belts.

Finally, if any long-time readers are wondering what happened to my old 2012 list, well, I managed to check quite a lot of the stuff on that list off just by thrifting and celebrating birthday and Christmas -- hence this updated version.