Apr 28, 2012


As evidenced by my 2012 shopping list, I plan add a pair of black plimsolls to my summer wardrobe. Not having found any that match my taste for perfection yet, however, I'm starting to seriously consider acquiring a pair of Underground creepers instead. They might just be the exact kind of ugly my wardrobe needs. I'm certainly having no problems composing outfits with them. It's something to consider, anyhow. An injection of Goth, styled with humour by Nicola Boraston in above pictures.

Picture source: Nicola Boraston

Apr 21, 2012


Some of you may have noticed that a regular feature on the blog has disappeared. My compulsive practice of keeping score of everything I thrift has finally become too tedious a task for me to maintain, so it's been discontinued. But rest assured, I still thrift! Although I've been relatively quiet on the thrifting front (and other fronts for that matter) these past many weeks, I've also been busy thrifting a crazy lot of stuff to play around with. Not because I've been lowering my standards, but because my local charity shops have been changing out their entire stock on account of spring. I actually thrifted so much recently that I've had to reorganise part of my wardrobe. In the process, it became clear to me that I'm ever so slowly succeeding in manifesting my dream wardrobe. As you can see in the above picture, a rainbow is now discernable on my racks. Whilst reorganising, it also became abundantly clear that I need more space.

Apr 16, 2012


I don't know quite what happened today. Which is to say, I can't explain how I ended up looking so preppy. Preppy certainly wasn't my conscious intention, and preppy isn't what I usually do. Preppy just appeared, and it spilled into my spirit, and it being Monday, I appreciated that. It all started with my black Cheap Monday jeans, which I put on with the intention of assembling my good old, done-and-dusted biker look that I've reserved especially for lazy, no-brainer spring days like today. But then whimsy caught me, and I suddenly decided that I wanted to wear my thrifted Munthe Plus Simonsen shirt, which I've only worn once before. I've previously avoided pairing the shirt with jeans, since it makes the shirt - and me - look decidedly butch. I tried to correct that by layering a slouchy, navy, cable knit cotton jumper from ASOS on top of it, but quickly realised that the shirt's huge collar was asking to be pulled out from under my black, slim fitting Comme des Garcons for H&M wool jumper. Contrasts. Much better. Then matchy-matchy got to me, prompting me to dig out my white chucks punctuated by the characteristic thin red line. Finally, I grabbed my old, black bag and reached for the yellow Proenza Schouler for Target jacket I found on an indoor flea market last December to give it its first ever airing by me. All hail to spring!

Apr 15, 2012


"I believe a sustainable future for society and the world requires a paradigm shift toward a more feminine system. Men should find a profound humility and realise that they were born with the strength to better serve and protect the feminine in society. Placing themselves in the service of feminine wisdom will allow men to find their true beauty and radiance. That is the appropriate role for male power - not to dominate and subjugate the rest of humanity and nature. (...) Male power is disconnected from a more interior or organic relationship to the environment and the world. It's a bizarre, hierarchical fortress where all they care about is their own team, just like an army. Someone like Rupert Murdoch can't understand the world beyond his army; it's the most virulent, broken aspect of maleness. Biology introduced that mind-set to men through testosterone to protect the family and the tribe, but that's completely broken and is causing the downfall of our species. Now it's people stockpiling enough weapons to destroy the world 4,000 times over. That male impulse has effectively swallowed the rest of humanity - and even more horrifically, it's swallowing our environment and cannibalising our only home."

Words of wisdom spoken by ANTONY HEGARTY in the spring 2012 issue of iD (which, by the way, also includes an amazing interview with Vivienne Westwood). Perhaps the world would be a better place if our countries were ruled by grandmothers. Wise grandmothers, of course - it's only in a perfect world that all people grow wiser with age. Look at Butters' granny, for example. (Ok, the reference was silly, but that doesn't mean I'm not serious.)

The man makes breathtakingly beautiful music too.